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  1. Therese Spina commented on Bloom County about 3 years ago

    Soy is unhealthy for men and boys and puts them at risk for growing moobs!!!! And yogurt still plays second fiddle to its creamy cousin. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

  2. Therese Spina commented on Candorville over 3 years ago

    Too bad our stupid biased media screws things all up by not being up front with all of the pertinent information. The media neglected to mention that Trayvon was a troubled teen with a record, and that George Zimmerman had a broken nose, two black eyes, and lacerations on the back of his head. Trayvon Martin, in contrast, had no injuries aside from the gunshot wound and a small abrasion on his knuckles. Responding officers and paramedics witnessed George Zimmerman’s injuries and medical records confirm them. An eyewitness stated that a man matching George’s description was being pummeled while screaming for help. The lead investigator, who wanted to charge Zimmerman with manslaughter, determined that the voice screaming for help was George Zimmerman’s. There is quite a bit of “other” information out there you will not find in the annals of the liberal media. Check it out.

  3. Therese Spina commented on Strange Brew over 3 years ago

    If you’re a New Yorker, the rednecks are from “upstate”.

  4. Therese Spina commented on C'est la Vie over 3 years ago

    A very, very plain woman…

  5. Therese Spina commented on Candorville over 3 years ago

    Jkiss, I am so sad that happened to you! NOTHING hurts us worse than a bad church!
    I attended a rather worldly church for a few years who were more concerned about what what they were wearing than if my children had anything to eat. Jesus tells us to take care of the widows (this includes divorced mothers) and the orphans (and their children). The church I attend nowadays is a non-denominational sort with a high emphasis on family and relationship in the church, and looks after the less fortunate. Please do not let people make up your mind about Jesus. He loves you and wants the best for you, and died to give it to you. God bless you, dear.

  6. Therese Spina commented on Dude and Dude over 3 years ago

    Maybe he’s on the Leo cusp…

  7. Therese Spina commented on The Other Coast over 3 years ago

    My dad used to put squirrel and other unfortunate rodents in the sauce! But then his family is from Abruzzi…

  8. Therese Spina commented on Cul de Sac over 3 years ago

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLLLLL!!!! What more can I say?

  9. Therese Spina commented on Dogs of C-Kennel almost 4 years ago

    @FrankRHa1, It’s spelled “capice”. Capice?

  10. Therese Spina commented on Over the Hedge almost 4 years ago

    So what? Santa could be stranded on the moon and we would still have Christmas, since it is not about him. Jesus is the reason for the season!!! Amen and amen!