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  1. T Smith commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    The only government that conservatives like is one that protects corporations and rich people from having to care about the safety or well-being of the rest of society.
    They don’t really care how big or small it is, as long as THEY don’t have to pay for any of it, fight for it or answer to it in any way.

  2. T Smith commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    Somewhere, there’s a room full of Republikan strategists, slapping themselves and saying, “Why didn’t WE think of that slogan?”

  3. T Smith commented on Zack Hill 3 months ago

    Well, I had been hoping to learn the truth about Grumbine, but they clearly either a) know nothing about the conflict in Palestine, or b) are deliberately distorting reality to make the “Israeli” occupiers appear the innocent victims here.

    Either way, I’ve got one less comic strip to read in the morning.

  4. T Smith commented on Zack Hill 3 months ago

    THAT would make him like “Israel.”

  5. T Smith commented on Working Daze 3 months ago

    If you search “fudgetown cookies,” there’s at least one recipe out there that claims to replicate the flavor of Fudgetowns… if I recall correctly, it even included the hole in the middle so you can poke out the blob of fudge filling with your pinkie (which is the only appropriate way to eat one, doncha know).

    Fudgetowns and Burry’s chocolate chips were our go-to cookies growing up…

    I feel Roy’s pain.

  6. T Smith commented on Rudy Park 3 months ago

    Well, he’s got the “Israel should leave Palestine” part right.

  7. T Smith commented on Zen Pencils 4 months ago

    Samosas are not pastries, they are savory dumplings, often made with green peas and are quite spicy.

  8. T Smith commented on Zen Pencils 6 months ago

    The way to draw better teachers into the system is not to degrade them (the way Republikans do), or cut their benefits, or defund education.

    You attract the best people by paying them what they are worth, by giving them the resources they need to do the job, by appreciating them.

    When better teachers are drawn into the system, the poor ones will be squeezed out.

  9. T Smith commented on Rose is Rose 7 months ago

    Any chance of Clem catching an incurable, fatal childhood disease?

  10. T Smith commented on Candorville about 1 year ago

    That’s not the point. It’s that if you had no complaints when your guy did it, you have no legitimacy in complaining because the guy you don’t like is doing it less.
    It’s NOT justifying Obama doing it, it’s pointing out the hypocrisy of calling out Obama’s actions when you had no problem with Bush doing it.