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  1. t s commented on Luann about 17 hours ago

    So lovely!!

  2. t s commented on Reply All Lite 9 days ago

    Gah!! SmoothLY!!

  3. t s commented on Rabbits Against Magic 9 days ago

    Yeah, did that when Obummer was elected. Didn’t work that time either.

  4. t s commented on Frog Applause 11 days ago

    Oh brother…(much eye rolling) Geez people, let it go. And yes, I am American Indian.

  5. t s commented on Rabbits Against Magic 12 days ago

    Actors should just do their job and act. They aren’t paid for personal political opinions. I would have demanded my money back.

  6. t s commented on Breaking Cat News 12 days ago

    Bwwaahahaha!! “I swear to Cat I will knock you silly!” I SOOOO need that on a T-shirt!!

  7. t s commented on Ziggy 14 days ago

    Strip writers – PLEASE just do fun comics! No one cares about your political thoughts. If you want to do editorials, go to the editorial page. Dang. You just keep the unrest going.

  8. t s commented on The Norm 4.0 14 days ago

    Oh good grief. Comics please. If you can’t do fun things, go to the editorial page.

  9. t s commented on Stale Crackers 20 days ago

    I know, isn’t that crazy!? Sounds just like Hillary too!!

  10. t s commented on Rudy Park 20 days ago

    Must be a Liberal….