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Gil Thorp by Neal Rubin and Rod Whigham

Gil Thorp

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  1. sweetg1 commented on Gil Thorp 6 days ago

    Gotta lay off the Whiz…He cut class to comment on this!

  2. sweetg1 commented on Gil Thorp 7 days ago

    Thankfully, the unknown kid didn’t say, "Hey, I got a text from YOUR mom! She said “hey”!"

  3. sweetg1 commented on Gil Thorp 10 days ago

    That’s not entirely tru(E). Happy Hour is every day in the weight room, where Bubba tells Del that he has a purdy mouth.

  4. sweetg1 commented on Gil Thorp 14 days ago

    Indeed, that only has one meaning! Of course, David Thompson (from my Denver Nuggets) was in the same draft as CT. :)

  5. sweetg1 commented on Gil Thorp 14 days ago

    Bitsy, you need to realize that there is more to life than Philly! :) When we say Rocky, it’s not always Balboa. When we say “What is the answer?”, it’s not about Iverson (but when we say Practice, it is, indeed about Iverson). When we say that something is wilting, the reference isn’t about Wilt the Stilt. When we say, “do we need a doctor”…okay, I’ll give you that one…indeed it’s about Dr. J!

    Just kidding!

  6. sweetg1 commented on Gil Thorp 14 days ago

    I knew I could beat that kid Knox Foley in the courtroom, as well as beating Bader (wait…there is a joke in here somewhere!!!)

  7. sweetg1 commented on Gil Thorp 14 days ago

    Yes, I’m the defense for Mr. Thorp. I’ll ask that the court refer to him as State Champion Thorp, as he is the state champion until proven otherwise.

    We ask that the charges against State Champion Gil Thorp be dropped. This will be based on several findings that may please the court.
    1.) He is the state champion!
    2.) My client, did indeed, ask Tru(E) to forgo his practice at Wake Forest to address Master Bader. No, your honor, that salutation was in reference that those who bring charges against my client are young, not promiscuous! If charges should be brought forward, then they should address Tru(E), since my client, did indeed, ask him to address the team. At that point, my client did what the manual recommended he do.
    3.) My client State Champion Gil Thorp was not without sacrifice, as he missed his summer golf season addressing this issue.
    4.) My client was also doing this under duress, as his own children haven’t been seen in years. This has caused him much grief, as his wife, Mimi has spent more time with Pedro the Poolboy!
    5.) He is State Champion (did we mention this)?

    If it pleases the court, no counter suit has been filed.

  8. sweetg1 commented on Gil Thorp 17 days ago

    P4: Tru(E) to MB – You coming? MB to Tru(E): Didn’t think I was invited.
    P5: Tru(E): Arm around MB – We’re a team, aren’t we? But first things first.
    P6: Exit to shower (fade to black)

  9. sweetg1 commented on Gil Thorp 28 days ago

    Well, at Xmas, the baseball season will be over by then!

  10. sweetg1 commented on Gil Thorp about 1 month ago

    Hmm. Maybe you’re right.