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  1. StoneIndian commented on Working Daze over 2 years ago

    Is it a Guess the style day? I go with Jef Mallet, since he and Pastis like to mess with each other, the Lampshade would be a great little dig.

  2. StoneIndian commented on Eek! over 2 years ago

    But Dan Pirraro is such a nice guy.

  3. StoneIndian commented on Working Daze almost 3 years ago

    I JUST noticed the “pensa cola” LOL

  4. StoneIndian commented on Working Daze about 3 years ago

    Great rendering of Stephen Root. How long has Milton worked at the company?

  5. StoneIndian commented on Soup to Nutz about 3 years ago

    I once read a story that Belly Buttons weren’t allowed in Comic strips until Mort Walker decided to illustrate an entire truckload of navel oranges. From then on, Miss Buxley could show her belly button when she wore a bikini.

  6. StoneIndian commented on Frazz about 3 years ago

    As a Firefighter, one of the cool things to see is a Deck Gun Rainbow. We see them a lot during training. When water is put out of the deck gun at 1200 gallons/minute, the side-mist can make an awesome rainbow in the evening sun. I have some great pics of them.

  7. StoneIndian commented on Soup to Nutz over 3 years ago

    Stephan Pastis draws the strip Pearls Before Swine.

  8. StoneIndian commented on Non Sequitur over 3 years ago

    All he will do is split the timeline and open another universe at the cusp point.

  9. StoneIndian commented on On A Claire Day almost 4 years ago

    Coming home from Toronto one day, The Customs agent asked me what I was bringing back, I answered, “Receipts and pocket lint.” Actually got a laugh.

  10. StoneIndian commented on Working Daze about 4 years ago

    I’d Be Elena’s Back end in a heartbeat!!