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  1. Kasper commented on Luann Againn about 1 month ago

    I’ve been waiting for the cap to make an appearance — but it’s the wrong way round!

  2. Kasper commented on Monty about 1 month ago

    You need to tighten those nuts Monty!

  3. Kasper commented on Drabble about 1 month ago

    12 am? Is midnight before noon then? Or after? Is noon am or pm?

  4. Kasper commented on Monty about 1 month ago

    So that’s why Monty normally sleeps with his glasses on…

  5. Kasper commented on Monty 2 months ago

    “More jobs not fewer” … only robots get that right!

  6. Kasper commented on Betty 3 months ago

    I suspect there’s a message in there, but I’m darned if I can see what it is …

  7. Kasper commented on That is Priceless 4 months ago

    “Where the arrow falls there bury me.”
    And so they interred him on top of the wardrobe.

  8. Kasper commented on Monty 5 months ago

    I seem to remember the last TdeF winner speaks English like a native …

  9. Kasper commented on Monty 6 months ago

    97 down?? That’s a BIG crossword!

  10. Kasper commented on Rose is Rose 7 months ago

    A “nominal dysphasia” moment, Jimbo! We regular ND-ers cope very easily with this situation. You can sustain normal dialogue indefinitely without speaking a name. Practise makes perfect!