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  1. Kasper commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    Good job he didn’t ask PM David Cameron, or he’d have got an even bigger surprise.

  2. Kasper commented on Monty 2 months ago

    Look closely at those eyes and that mouth … it’s his cop girlfriend in green makeup!

  3. Kasper commented on Luann 2 months ago

    A pedant writes: “The plural of platypus is platypuses”.
    Another pedant writes: “No it isn’t, it’s platypodes!”

  4. Kasper commented on Rose is Rose 2 months ago

    But I do admire a cartoonist who can draw a guitar correctly.

  5. Kasper commented on Rose is Rose 2 months ago

    More like the one Jimmy Durante was looking for!

  6. Kasper commented on Reality Check 4 months ago

    I remember EIGHT-INCH floppies! And disk drives that looked like top-loading washing machines. And punched cards …
    I’m gonna shoot myself now.

  7. Kasper commented on Reality Check 8 months ago

    Ah, you can’t beat the old favourites!

  8. Kasper commented on Dilbert Classics 8 months ago

    Where’s Gary Larson when you really need him?

  9. Kasper commented on Betty 8 months ago

    I’ve had this conversation as a child with my mother and as an adult with my wife. I can confirm that that’s the right response.

  10. Kasper commented on Arlo and Janis 9 months ago

    They ‘ppep’ not ‘jeep’ … am I getting old?