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  1. Steve Peters commented on Non Sequitur over 3 years ago

    AHHHHHH; mud !! Growing up (I’m 69 now) in my little 800-people town in the ’50’s centered around The Pond behind a dam in the center of the village. We’d spend entire days at, on and in the pond. The mud on the shallow side was ~5" deep, black, really fine silt. Getting hit in the face with a handful of THAT smelly goop was not a good thing !! SPLAT & SPLORT sum it up quite well !!

  2. Steve Peters commented on Garfield over 3 years ago

    Slurking the last of a beverage through a straw (making sure you get …. every ….. Last …. DROP !!) causes one of THE most aggravating sounds there is !! Y’all know what I mean !

  3. Steve Peters commented on Pickles over 3 years ago

    Earl’s Friend was me all this past week, right down to the post-sneeze cock-eyed glasses ! For us older folk, I think just one “Bless you” a day is enough.

  4. Steve Peters commented on Pickles over 4 years ago

    Could it be that …
    when-EVER Earl utters a premise or states an opinion, Opal KNOWS IT’S OBVIOUS that he’s wrong, and therefore any discussion with Earl dealing with what he has just said would be MEANINGLESS. Thus, her closing comment.
    As a result of this strip, two things are obvious to me:
    1) Opal doesn’t like black jelly beans.
    2) Opal thinks only she is capable of speaking “the truth.”
    Poor Earl; he’s married to a Chief, Judge & Jury !! … but it appears he’s comfortable with his married situation and doesn’t let Opal’s know-it-all style bother him.
    Now, whether or not he CONSCIOUSLY doesn’t let Opal bother him is ANOTHER question.
    Is my male-ness showing ??? (duh)

  5. Steve Peters commented on Luann over 5 years ago

    How cool. A homerun !!