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  1. starfire commented on Luann over 3 years ago

    I looked up theater camps for high schoolers in the bay area, and found the cost for 2 weeks at Stanford is (and this is a quote) $3,620.00 – $4,250.00. Here’s the URL: http://www.educationunlimited.com/camp/13/high-school-actors-workshop.html

    Kind of makes the issue of Quill’s plane fare less important. I can’t imagine Luann or her parents kicking in that kind of cash for 2 weeks with Quill. :-)

  2. starfire commented on Luann almost 4 years ago

    Also I apparently can’t spel.

  3. starfire commented on Luann almost 4 years ago

    To the earlier comment about needing to graduate college in the top of your class, has anyone consideder that 1/2 the doctors in this country graduated in the BOTTOM HALF of their class?

    50% of getting a job is who do you know, and another 50% is the perception you are able to give to the interviewing team. The remaining 42.7% is you. Add that up! :-) Laughing quietly…

  4. starfire commented on Luann about 4 years ago

    Goodbye, evil Effiel (or however her name is spelled). She’s about to get her just rewards.

  5. starfire commented on Luann about 4 years ago

    And it is really dumb to try to grab anything, much less one particular letter from a mail box. They were specifically designed to thwart any attempt to retrieve a mailed letter. Best of luck to you guys. Maybe someone should ask Lu Ann just what she wrote before committing a federal offense to recover it. Just my 2 cents.

  6. starfire commented on Luann about 4 years ago

    Clearly, the two of you are impersonating a Fire Person (?man?)?

  7. starfire commented on Luann about 4 years ago

    Drop That Flashlight! It might go off by accident. You’re all under arrest for shining a flashlight at the mailbox at night while two of you are wearing uniforms of the fire department.

  8. starfire commented on Luann about 4 years ago

    “The Old Wolf” has it right in the first place. I’ll put all my wooden nickels on this explanation.

  9. starfire commented on Luann over 4 years ago

    It occurs to me that Gunther is not unlike a number of little, skinny, lightweight kids – they have no idea how strong they really are.

    When you think about it, he had no trouble hauling around a 40+ lb. backpack, and swinging it around for a good reason.

    [As for the weight of one of those backpacks, I know about it from personal experience. My kids carried them around all their high school years loaded with books and notebooks. I was amazed that my little girl and slender son could handle their backpacks so well, while I had quite an issue with them, just lifting them!]

  10. starfire commented on Luann almost 5 years ago

    I see Ann and TJ sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g,
    First comes scheming,
    then comes scamming,
    and here they are with a (to be continued, any suggestions?)