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  1. Serenit commented on Luann about 9 hours ago

    Not sure if anyone else has noted this, but since Quill will already be in NYC, Luann would only have had to buy (RT) tickets for herself to fly there to visit with him.

  2. Serenit commented on Arlo and Janis 12 days ago

    When I was a child, all men wore hats. They tipped them at ladies and took them off when entering a house or church out of respect. I’ve always thought men look more suave and debonair in a hat (a baseball cap isn’t a hat), especially in a fedora, and have long wished that the trend would make a lasting return. Another reason I hope for their return is that it might mean that men have become more respectful again as well.

  3. Serenit commented on Betty about 1 month ago

    In my family, we are helpless against the comedy of slapstick. Of course, the hapless victim is always tended to and comforted after the hysterics die down. It’s not generally appreciated while the helpful relative is howling with laughter and tears running down their face. :-D

  4. Serenit commented on Luann 3 months ago

    @ Implausible
    A flesh-toned, V-neck undershirt? Maybe. But it could also be a necklace. Brdshtt posted on the necklace as well in the 11/19 Comments. If it is a necklace, and Quill did give it to Pru, then that revelation could make for a segue to LuAnn and his breaking and his return to NYC to pursue his career, and to pursue Pru. Or it could be just the neckline of an undershirt and Mr. Evans has a different storyline in store. :-)

  5. Serenit commented on Luann 3 months ago

    Hmm…can’t help but wonder if Quill gave Pru the necklace she’s wearing, too. Hopefully it’s not a boomerang.

  6. Serenit commented on Betty 7 months ago

    “Snacks”?! Men fail so often at rising to an occasion with their wife as to make one wonder how any of them win a woman’s heart, never mind keep it. The answer to her question “What’s my role in this?” is “Inspiration.”

  7. Serenit commented on Luann 11 months ago

    Um, here’s a thought: maybe Toni asked Brad if he wanted to skip the wedding and go straight to the honeymoon to lighten the mood. I really don’t get the hostility toward the Toni character. She and Brad seem well-suited for each other. And, frankly, plenty of proposals are triggered after one half of a couple has a run-in with an ex they were hung up on and realizes they are SO over that ex and SO in love with their current significant other. Everyone needs a moment of clarity on occasion in order to move forward with their life.

  8. Serenit commented on For Better or For Worse 11 months ago

    Zowie, people are sure reading a LOT of personal stuff about Lynn into yesterday’s and today’s strips! Yes, all artists (including those who draw and script comic strips) draw from life experience, whether that of people they know or have heard of, or their own; the point being that these are universal experiences. Lynn’s gift is in shining a humorous or ironic light on we silly human beings’ sometimes inappropriate behavior, thoughtless comments, and ulterior motives to allow her readers to see themselves in the characters she has created. It is the rare person who cannot relate to one of the morally flawed characters in FBOFW. While we may never say what Elly said out loud to Irene, it’s for darn sure a lot of us may have thought it. Being able to recognize and laugh at our moral flaws allows us to correct those flaws.

  9. Serenit commented on Buni over 1 year ago

    @ argy.bargy2 ~ Answering, “What were you doing trick or treating in the middle of the street, anyway, Buni?” Really? In panels 2 & 3 Buni is walking with both arms outstretched and palms up, obviously unable to see where he’s going. Maybe he only drew the eye holes on the sheet and didn’t cut them out. At any rate, Buni wound up with a more authentic costume for Halloween.

  10. Serenit commented on For Better or For Worse over 2 years ago

    Some of the post-ers on this particular story arc seem to miss the point of a comic strip like FBOFW, which is to parallel real family life in order to make humorous but nail-on-the-head observations about parents and children via a few short panels. Artists like Lynn Johnston have a gift for speaking volumes in very little space. It takes the ability to take complex situations, establish and reduce them to their most basic essentials. That’s not as easy to do is it may seem. Lynn loosely based her comic strip on her own family, with some artistic license. As a result, her audience can recognize and laugh at themselves as they laugh at her stories.