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  1. Gresch commented on Joe Heller about 2 hours ago

    So who paid for the Research to develop the vaccine for the Zika virus???

  2. Gresch commented on Phil Hands about 2 hours ago

    if da people have “no Guns” how be there a “well regulated militia”?

  3. Gresch commented on Jeff Danziger about 2 hours ago

    no… Kick my A** $7000

  4. Gresch commented on Jen Sorensen 1 day ago

    votes cast in 2000

    so you are pointing out that Al Gore got more votes than WJC in 2000…

    What’s your point?

  5. Gresch commented on Jen Sorensen 1 day ago

    economic expansion & balanced budgets

    A result of the people bringing about the Repub controlled Congress under the “tax & spend” or should I say the “spin & lie” WJC

  6. Gresch commented on Clay Jones 1 day ago

    it seem only yesterday… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhrrGu2rcZ4

  7. Gresch commented on Jen Sorensen 1 day ago

    And yet GWB got more votes than WJC

  8. Gresch commented on Clay Bennett 2 days ago

    So making the kool-aid® out of Flint Water and playing the “blame the Repubs” to perk up the "we are victims’ crowd is Hillary best move…

  9. Gresch commented on Tim Eagan 2 days ago

    seven delegates…

  10. Gresch commented on Bob Gorrell 2 days ago

    It is obvious that Bernie needs to run as an independent as a “democratic socialist”