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  1. Gresch commented on Chip Bok 18 minutes ago

    unless it has this feature…


  2. Gresch commented on Phil Hands 24 minutes ago

    We did not lose the war (Bush)….
    We lost the peace ( Obama)…

  3. Gresch commented on Jack Ohman 1 day ago

    Much Much Smaller… yes, but still it happened…

  4. Gresch commented on Gary Markstein 3 days ago

    blame Abraham, not blaming Jehovah

    Free will…. Abraham chose to father Ishmael…
    If you want to blame Bush, then you are blaming Washington, aren’t you?
    No, blaming Obama…. there was no Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) during the Bush Admin… you are free to supply a map during that time…
    unnecessary lost of life…. tell that to the Mullahs and the tyrants…

  5. Gresch commented on Clay Jones 4 days ago

    substantiation – To prove the truth of or support with proof or evidence

    those rumors

    which rumors because we are only discussing Patterson NJ not anywhere else

    MIRFU did not go deep enough…


    “In an interview, Khawaja said that after extensive research, it was possible that maybe six to 12 teenagers had something akin to a celebration on the morning of 9/11 in Paterson, but they quickly dispersed.”

    In Khawaja own blog attacking Trump’s statement on other NJ incidents he “confirms” the “existence” of the Patterson NJ activities.


    The only journalist who has ever defended the idea of a celebration has been Curtis Sliwa, who conducted a series of interviews in the area just after 9/11. I’ve spoken with Sliwa as well. To the best of my knowledge, his view coheres with mine–he regards it as likely that there was a mini-celebration consisting of 6-12 teenagers or young men, and that it dispersed relatively quickly.

    Curtis Siliwa is a local radio personality and founder of a street level group known as the Guardian Angels


    Abdallah, the Clifton electrician who grew up in Paterson, said there may have been a small handful of teenagers who shouted “revenge” the night of the bombing. That account is corroborated by WABC radio host Curtis Sliwa, one of those criticized by city officials for acknowledging accounts of celebrations on the air. But Sliwa says no neighborhood should be judged by the behavior of its rowdy teens on the street corner.

    “They got put in their place by the elders – they were clobbered,” Sliwa said. “The reaction of the community as a whole, that’s really the story they should tell instead of this complete denial. There are a lot of American flags flying down there now.”


    Khawaja’s interview with The Jewish Standard (Teaneck, New Jersey), Dec. 20, 2002.
    By Joanne Palmer

    The second celebration was said to have been at 5 pm at the Islamic Cultural Center on Getty Ave. William Pascrell III is on record as having seen people throwing candy in the air at this location at this time. [He was quoted in the newspaper Aramica in the first week of September this year. -JP] He asked what was going on and was told that it was a “wedding.” Now if you can believe that a wedding was scheduled for Tuesday at 5 pm, and that it took place on 9/11 after all that happened, I will sell you both the Brooklyn and George Washington bridges.

  6. Gresch commented on Gary Markstein 5 days ago

    tribal divide… nothing to do with Islam, Christianity, or Judaism

    not really seeing this…

  7. Gresch commented on Clay Jones 6 days ago

    No in Patterson NJ, but not as much by the Palestinians ..

    “There is some evidence that a few Arab-American adolescents briefly relieved their political frustration in front of a library in largely Arab South Paterson, New Jersey, in a way that might be defined as ‘celebrating,’” Khajawa and Fine wrote.

  8. Gresch commented on Glenn McCoy 6 days ago

    Most terrorist ATTACKS not terrorist… nice attempted spin

    first link again fails to include injured victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Trust me they were attacked… and by Muslims…

    second does not include the 9/11 victim and does not include the Boston Marathon Victims

    third again the same counting death and not counting injured as an attack

    fourth— fatal… not counting the roughly 3000 9/11 victims and the non-death victims of the Boston Marathon

  9. Gresch commented on Glenn McCoy 7 days ago

    you should have vetted this before posting…
    Most terrorist attacks on U.S. soil have been committed by Muslims”
    The source only states “deaths” not “attacked”
    You left out the people who were injured at the Boston Marathon bombing… is roughly 264

    Since Sept. 11, 2001, [ it leaves out the the roughly 3000 9/11 victims ]
    nearly twice as many people [ 48 vs 26 ] have been killed [ so the 264 injured do not get counted as being attacked because they did not die… does losing a leg count in this word splicing of death vs attacked?] by….
    did this article use this article as a source?
    Homegrown Extremists Tied to Deadlier Toll Than Jihadists in U.S. Since 9/11
    did Scott Shane use
    they only counted “deaths” not “attacks”
    The statement “Most terrorist attacks on U.S. soil have been committed by Muslims” is not a false statement

  10. Gresch commented on Gary Markstein 7 days ago

    1. Abraham created situation
    2. all under Obama watch… does this make them “less” dead?
    3. Muslims killed Muslims.. US Force killed civilians… but not that many… not less tragic… just less…