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  1. Rick Pikul commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 3 days ago

    The fanfic “Batmare Beyond” both has fun with it and comes up with a reason why those minimal disguises work.

    The fun is on the cover of the morning paper, where a picture of Rarity Wayne at a society event and a picture of Batmare have them both in the exact same pose and the pictures were scaled the same. She was surprised no one was able to notice the match even without the fact that she was the only unicorn in Gotham.

    The reason is that superhero settings, masks have a mystic effect. In essence, putting that little domino mask on causes the universe to tell people “this is Robin, not Dick Grayson.”

  2. Rick Pikul commented on Bloom County 2016 28 days ago

    Well, so that they will call the right customer. There is more that one story at Not Always Right along the lines of:

    “Calling Mary!”
    “That’s mine,” sip “I didn’t order this!”
    “Are you Mary?”
    “No, I just wanted my drink.”

  3. Rick Pikul commented on Bloom County 2016 about 1 month ago

    Y-fronts, as opposed to the more usable, (and less likely to be painful), H-fronts.

  4. Rick Pikul commented on Bloom County 2016 2 months ago

    It wasn’t simply “8 or 16” it was “8 or 16 now, with 4 of those being things we haven’t considered planets for 3/4 of a century plus at least a dozen more to find.”

    Heck, if the radius of Pluto had been correctly estimated in the first place, (initially it was thought to be the size of the Earth), it would have never been considered a planet,

    With all the new bodies being found, we needed a formal definition of planet and there was near instant agreement that any definition should not include asteroids like Ceres. You also have something of a misunderstanding of the definition: Earth does indeed gravitationally dominate its orbit, everything else either orbits it or is locked into a number of ‘subordinate’ orbits.

  5. Rick Pikul commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 3 months ago

    1) Because some schools make dances official school activities and attendance is mandatory.

    2) Because the parents found out about the dance and being bored out of his gourd at the dance was preferable to ongoing nagging to go.

  6. Rick Pikul commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 3 months ago

    The colours of the other two match Party Favor or Minuette and Sugar Belle or Amethyst Star

  7. Rick Pikul commented on The Knight Life 3 months ago

    Not yet, Gilpanda is still working on that.

  8. Rick Pikul commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 3 months ago

    Yamamoto spent more time talking about US industry and his understanding of American military culture.

    Switzerland has very strict gun control of a kind that would have the NRA freaking, (not only requirements for serious training but those guns are NOT kept in people’s homes).

    Cuba’s issues well pre-date even Castro’s attempt to peacefully remove the previous dictator.

    You have the standard NRA lie about 1930s Germany. The only significant change the Zazi government made to gun control laws before the war was to mostly repeal the law that disarmed private armies like the SA.

    And you clearly believe in the defensive gun use myth. When you buy a gun, remember that it is about ten times as likely to accidentally shoot someone than to be used in an attempt to defend someone, (2/3 of the time failing at the attempt or worse), and most of those attempts involve situations that wouldn’t have happened at all without the gun.

  9. Rick Pikul commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 3 months ago

    And your list of cases where an armed civilian stopped a mass shooting in the US is?

    Oh, wait, it’s only ever happened once1 and that involved an armed security guard, who was a retired cop and had advance warning that the shooter was on his way.

    N.B.: Arguing that there should have been people carrying at the club in Orlando puts you on the far side of the NRA. Places like bars and nightclubs are one of the few places that the NRA says people shouldn’t have a gun2.

    1 There are several cases where an armed civilian detained a mass shooter after the shooting was over.

    2 The other main one being NRA headquarters.

  10. Rick Pikul commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 4 months ago

    It’s blindfold tag: It closes her eyes and calls out “Marco,” to which the other players respond “Polo.”