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  1. Ramona Winkelbauer commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 9 months ago

    Sammy S. wrote: “[US Presidential] campaign (famously one of the most fluffy and frivolous in presidential history).” I.e., the motto was “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!” I question, is vitriol any better?

    “Jefferson and Liberty

    The gloomy night before us lies,
    The reign of terror now is o’er;
    Its gags, inquisitors and spies,
    Its hordes of harpies are no more
    Rejoice, Columbia’s sons, rejoice
    To tyrants never bend the knee
    But join with heart, and soul and voice
    For Jefferson and Liberty."

  2. Ramona Winkelbauer commented on Grand Avenue 11 months ago

    Linda1259 wrote: “As a former teacher, all educational administrators slither! Those who can, teach, those who can’t become principals!”

    I would offer a friendly amendment: ‘and those who prove the Peter Principle become Superintendents.’ E.g., Mr. Murphy of PG County (1 year’s teaching experience) who famously said that “competent teachers could produce individualized lesson plans for all of their students, every day.” Any person who used common sense would wonder when s/he did anything but make lesson plans for 185 pupils!

  3. Ramona Winkelbauer commented on Robert Ariail 11 months ago

    Enoki: Putin appears to me to be “thumbing his nose” at the hobby horse riders in “farewell”.

  4. Ramona Winkelbauer commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 11 months ago

    No, TR didn’t shoot a tied down bear and granted permission to a toy maker to use “Teddy” with a (stuffed) bear: http://www.theodoreroosevelt.org/site/c.elKSIdOWIiJ8H/b.8684621/k.6632/Real_Teddy_Bear_Story.htm

  5. Ramona Winkelbauer commented on Working Daze 11 months ago

    When Roy daydreamed about this event, he saw himself winning…..alas, reality!

  6. Ramona Winkelbauer commented on Working Daze 12 months ago

    Another literary reference: “Tom Swift,” she wrote. …. Think of the fun when management generates another less than intelligent policy. ;)

  7. Ramona Winkelbauer commented on Working Daze 12 months ago

    Kathy’s comment: “We can’t afford it” isn’t engaging any of Roy’s brain cells which are still in “I want” mode….;)

  8. Ramona Winkelbauer commented on The Buckets 12 months ago

    He’d probably told one too many stories about his family at work…..

  9. Ramona Winkelbauer commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 12 months ago

    Maybe she doesn’t see it? I.e., there are two panels of just Vicky - it could be that the balloon is behind her and she’s sighing in boredom.

  10. Ramona Winkelbauer commented on Gary Varvel about 1 year ago

    I’m curious about the cost/s of buried cable vs. aerial power lines. I’m afraid after the time it took to restore WashDC’s power the one summer I’m not convinced that buried lines are so much better….