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  1. JulieB commented on JumpStart 2 days ago

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jump_Start_(comic_strip)#List_of_characters Here’s the family tree! :)

  2. JulieB commented on Luann 4 days ago

    He thinks his introduction to art is esoteric…aka art snob (in his eyes). Probably thinks flinging poo at a canvas is art.

  3. JulieB commented on Betty 4 days ago

    Hot water heater anybody??? LOL Maybe somebody peed on fidler78’s cornflakes today.

  4. JulieB commented on Luann 5 days ago

    I actually hand wrote my rough drafts for my 2 years in CC. I was 48 when I started and 50 when I graduated. Hadn’t been in a classroom since HS. So, it was the perfect starting point. At some point I will get my BS, but sadly I will probably have to do that on-line since my current job doesn’t have classroom friendly hours.

  5. JulieB commented on Stone Soup 9 days ago

    Quite frankly YOU are tiresome; for the love of god, please button it. Strips are planned out far in advance and nothing but the most dire of current events will change it. Yes, you are allowed to not like this story arc, however the creator is not going to change the story line for you. Look at how long the story went on with her mom making the big move to South Africa and marrying Arnold. I thought it moved a bit too slowly for my taste, but I wasn’t on here whining about is every day.

  6. JulieB commented on Strange Brew 23 days ago

    Looks like a job for the Department of De Fence. It DOES look like a fence on the podium.

  7. JulieB commented on Betty 23 days ago

    I’m hoping Junior is reminded that Mom & Dad PAY for the phone; therefore, the rights he has are limited to what his PARENTS say they are.

  8. JulieB commented on FoxTrot 26 days ago

    Sorry, it’s Temple of Doom…the snow Indy is holding one of the one of the five sacred Sankara stones. If memory serves, Indy encounters several rolling stone booby traps in the series

  9. JulieB commented on Betty 30 days ago

    With “friends” like Alex, who needs enemies?

  10. JulieB commented on Stone Soup about 1 month ago

    The cup is NEXT to the computer. Why do you put your exclamation points the wrong way? They belong like this!! NOT like this ! !