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Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs


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  1. Keith Robey commented on Garfield 8 months ago

    Most of the other comics published tributes to the anniversary of 9/11, why didn’t you, Mr. Davis?

  2. Keith Robey commented on Garfield 8 months ago

    Annette Funicello (1942–2013)

  3. Keith Robey commented on Garfield Minus Garfield 8 months ago


  4. Keith Robey commented on Alley Oop 8 months ago

    Who knows? Who cares?

  5. Keith Robey commented on For Better or For Worse 9 months ago

    Being a victum of BULLYING myself, I must agree. I don’t know about now, with all this modern technology in use both by the schools and the students, but things were very different in my time. Back then, school policy was gennerally to blame and punish the victum. My parents told me about having many heated meetings with the teachers about it. I remember one teacher even theatening to “slap [me] across the face every day until [I] stop[ed] it.” How she expected me to stop action commited by others was beyond my comprehension.

  6. Keith Robey commented on Alley Oop 9 months ago

    I hope this is going to be permenant.

  7. Keith Robey commented on U.S. Acres 9 months ago

    Anyone fingered by Inspector Swigglebooger has to be guilty of being innocent

  8. Keith Robey commented on Tarzan 9 months ago

    Let us observe a moment of silence for the end of thE TARZAN comic strip.

  9. Keith Robey commented on Tarzan 9 months ago

    There is a sequence in the story where a tribal chief commits suicide. Also, the depiction of the Chinese in the story is typical mid-20th century racial stereotyping. These are probably the reasons they decided to skip this story.

  10. Keith Robey commented on Non Sequitur 9 months ago

    Believe it or not: I had a similar experience the first time I rode AMTRACK. My family had reserved seats for our trip to Florida, but the seats were given to a group of others. It was a nightmare. We were treated like unwanted baggage the whole trip.