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  1. Arathrael commented on (th)ink 3 months ago

    “Do not put words in my mouth”? I think you’ll find that quoting someone is not “putting words in their mouth”.

    If you don’t like me saying that you said, and I quote again, “13% of the population gives Obama an 89% Approval rating, based on nothing but his race”, then might I suggest not saying it in the first place?

  2. Arathrael commented on (th)ink 3 months ago

    “If Obama has a 55% approval rating among the general population, but an 89% approval rating among Blacks, which make up a sizable 13% of the population … "

    And so we can see the reasoning used is indeed dumb, and quite probably racist too.

    Dumb, because the approval of other groups is not zero percent, which shows there are non-racial reasons to approve, and hence there is no basis whatsoever to assume that all approval from one group is entirely down to that group’s racial characteristics. It simply cannot be stated that “13% of the population gives Obama an 89% Approval rating, based on nothing but his race”. There are evidently multiple other grounds for approval. Particularly since, as agrestic already pointed out, Bill Clinton had similar approval ratings.

    And probably racist because, as there is no logical basis to make such an assertion, the only basis to do so is an illogical and inherently racist one. An assumption that those with black skin colour cannot be approving of a President’s performance because of the same factors that might result in approval from others, but only because they share a skin colour. That’s pretty darn racist. I doubt you attribute all disapproval from the 73% white population to not sharing skin colour.

    That is, to address your point c, “Pointing out statistics is not racist.” No, no it isn’t. Making illogical racist statements based on them is though.

  3. Arathrael commented on (th)ink 3 months ago

    “Funny, but it was apparent to me they hadread the poll.” – Coming from someone who started by showing they hadn’t read the poll either, that’s not remotely surprising.

    “Errors of omission are in fact misreporting.” – The source was provided to show there was no omission from myself. If you have a problem with an omission at the source, you can always take that up with Gallup.

    "…I think you’re calling me a racist for pointing out statistics. " – Not necessarily. I didn’t just say I wasn’t racist…

    But please, if you want to make it clear that such implications don’t apply to you, outline the reasoning you use to conclude from the statistics that " that 13% of the population gives Obama an 89% Approval rating, based on nothing but his race." I’m sure it won’t turn out to be in any way racist or dumb. Mmm.

  4. Arathrael commented on (th)ink 3 months ago

    So, briefly, no, copying and pasting an argument from someone else who evidently hasn’t read the poll won’t change the fact that neither myself nor the comic that you’re commenting on are claiming that the poll says anything other than what it says.

    No, I didn’t misreport anything, especially not in the bizarre way you imagine I did. I took the figures from here – Presidential Approval Ratings — Barack Obama and as you can the most recent results they list there by party identification are from Dec 8-14th and they’re exactly what I said they were. None of that changes the point being made in the slightest, which, unlike your ‘correction’, was entirely relevant.

    And as for this:

    “You also failed to mention that 13% of the population gives Obama an 89% Approval rating, based on nothing but his race.”

    Yes, yes I did fail to mention that. Because I’m not dumb enough or racist enough to think that you see.

  5. Arathrael commented on (th)ink 3 months ago

    “Obviously you can’t prove they didn’t, or you would have.”

    Or, it’s so glaringly obviously not going to be the case that only the most desperate clutching of straws would demand proof to start off with. American politics is so polarised Obama currently has a 6% approval rating amongst Republicans and an 83% rating amongst Democrats. That’s nuts. Any notion that responses to poll questions such as this one would not be similarly polarised is laughable. Hence the laughing.

    Tell you what though, if that wasn’t the case, it would be easy for you to show it. Just find a few polls showing Democrats and Republicans blaming Obama for something – anything – equally. Good luck with that!

  6. Arathrael commented on (th)ink 3 months ago

    “If they say the same thing in relatively equal numbers” – Hahahaha! Good one!

  7. Arathrael commented on (th)ink 3 months ago

    “Now where’s the survey of Democratic primary voters?”

    Probably with the survey of independent voters, in the box labelled “completely irrelevant to the comic you’re commenting on.”

  8. Arathrael commented on (th)ink 3 months ago

    “They don’t say how many people they interviewed, which is a major flaw”

    That’d be a reasonable point, if it wasn’t for it being clearly labelled as “Survey of 274 Republican primary voters” at the bottom of every page in the link you provide to it.

  9. Arathrael commented on Pearls Before Swine 4 months ago

    “Meh. If doG didn’t mean for us to eat animals, it wouldn’t have made them out of meat.” <— problem with that argument is that WE are made out of meat as well…

  10. Arathrael commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 9 months ago

    Actually it was essentially both. Ford knew “in the first place that, all other considerations aside, our own sales depend in a measure upon the wages we pay”.

    Anyway, it’s pretty appalling we’re seeing the effects today of short-sighted short-term thinking that Henry Ford called out nearly a century ago.

    “People whose profits are excessive when measured by any sound standard should be the first to cut prices. But they never are. They pass all their extra costs down the line until the whole burden is borne by the consumer; and besides doing that, they charge the consumer a percentage on the increased charges. Their whole business philosophy is: “Get while the getting is good.” They are the speculators, the exploiters, the no-good element that is always injuring legitimate business. There is nothing to be expected from them. They have no vision. They cannot see beyond their own cash registers."