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  1. SFLoridan commented on Mike Luckovich 12 days ago

    Sorry, that does not work all the time, or even most of the times. The average (voluntary) savings can never keep pace with expenses+inflation+missed-opportunity, but if you borrow to invest in the right place, you grab the opportunity, and also force yourselves to save (to repay that loan).

    So McCracken is right – borrowing is not the problem. What you do with it is.

  2. SFLoridan commented on Baldo 12 days ago

    Couple of times before. Once somebody even broke into her room, I think.

  3. SFLoridan commented on Peanuts 14 days ago

    I would think you should remember them fondly – if I could have ever lifted my own weight, I would carve myself a trophy for the mantlepiece!

  4. SFLoridan commented on Jane's World 15 days ago

    If we don’t have wacky in comic strips, where else can we get it – presidential elections?

    Ok, that’s an easy ‘gimme’…

    But artistic license is best exercised with flight of imagination not given to us ordinary folks.

    We have the sentient AI gadgets of Questionable Content (http://www.questionablecontent.net/), the talking cactus in Girls With Slingshots (http://www.girlswithslingshots.com), and we have aliens here in Jane’s World.

    It’s fun to go with the flow…

  5. SFLoridan commented on Mike Luckovich 19 days ago

    Not just cartoonists. All media outlets, “journalists”, “reporters”, “news-casters” love him – they don’t need to do anything: no investigation, no background stories, no in-depth analysis – they just see what he throws up in the air, and make fun of it and of others for watching/listening/reading what they are churning out. A self-sustaining industry.

    (the quotes, just to hammer in the point that many of these are not really)

  6. SFLoridan commented on For Better or For Worse 19 days ago

    I am not sure if I am alone in this, but I feel my girls (13 and 16) are far more sensitive and PC than I was at that age, or am now. The don’t comment on people’s looks, skin color, physical features, whatever. I never know the ethnicity of their friends unless I expressly ask.

    And when I (just to needle them) make some un-PC comment, they immediately tell me to stop.

    I am proud of them, but maybe instead of taking the credit, I should give it the whole current generation…?

  7. SFLoridan commented on Jane's World 22 days ago

    Boxers are so much better, 90% of all situations – they allow one to lounge around the house (when alone) without feeling like one is nude or near nude; they are not as embarrassing even if exposed to the public, like in trial rooms in stores; their loose fit is their main appeal for comfort, but that loose fit is also healthier – in fact, for males, it is most recommended (check out WebMD).

  8. SFLoridan commented on Monty 26 days ago

    We have seen them together a bunch of times in the far past; very dumb-meets-dumber. I remember one had to do with Halloween

  9. SFLoridan commented on Jane's World 27 days ago

    Well, Jane – if you don’t give it, there are others who will

  10. SFLoridan commented on Calvin and Hobbes 28 days ago

    As a teenager, I came across the word “ecdysiast”, and found it interesting that it was not found in many dictionaries (probably because they were not large enough). And that became my word to qualify all dictionaries as ‘good enough’ or not, based on whether they listed that word or not.