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  1. SFLoridan commented on Candorville 1 day ago

    You and so many others, Lemont, so maaany others.

    My wife is shocked that I’m not paranoid about keeping my phone charged at night (and when it runs out the next day), or that when I lost my last one I was fine waiting two days before getting a replacement.

    For me, the phone is still a device, not my life. Yet.

  2. SFLoridan commented on Candorville 6 days ago

    This could very much happen, particularly with Trump, who once pretended to be his own non-existent spokesman!

    That choice of 1 / 2, is also so Trump – that’s how simplistic his reaction to people is.

  3. SFLoridan commented on Candorville 8 days ago

    I don’t know who’s still deluded – but that ship has sailed. Trump is history already, and you better live with it, or prepare for your own flight abroad.

  4. SFLoridan commented on Calvin and Hobbes 12 days ago

    I’m one (an atheist), so here goes: atheists are the ones who find the most purpose in life, because we don’t expect greater reward in the afterlife, or reincarnation, etc. Since I don’t expect somebody else to regulate my actions, I hold myself to higher standards than I have seen others do. I don’t fear any “mighty smiter” to smite me anytime, but that also tells me to behave just because it’s the right thing to do; it also guides me to judge others less, for many act out of fear and sneak thru life hoping to “get away with it”.

  5. SFLoridan commented on Darrin Bell about 1 month ago

    As always, succinct but telling, Mr. Bell!

  6. SFLoridan commented on Peanuts about 1 month ago

    Charlie’s team is slow and steady.

    Slower by the day, and not that steady, unfortunately.

  7. SFLoridan commented on Monty about 1 month ago

    Somebody give that boy a hug, a cup of warm milk, and read him a bed-time story (suggest “when you give a mouse a cookie…”). He’s a small child, don’t leave him all forlorn.

    At the same time, I admire Meddick’s ability to milk humor and pathos from the same scene.

  8. SFLoridan commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 month ago

    No need to choose – yesterday’s Trump will return tomorrow, and today’s will also similarly recur. There’s no opportunity lost here.

  9. SFLoridan commented on Candorville about 1 month ago

    Good one!

  10. SFLoridan commented on Jane's World about 1 month ago

    Too many assumptions here – I AM a man (my choice of avatar is because it closely resembles my wife)!