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  1. SFLoridan commented on Darrin Bell 7 days ago

    As always, succinct but telling, Mr. Bell!

  2. SFLoridan commented on Peanuts 10 days ago

    Charlie’s team is slow and steady.

    Slower by the day, and not that steady, unfortunately.

  3. SFLoridan commented on Monty 13 days ago

    Somebody give that boy a hug, a cup of warm milk, and read him a bed-time story (suggest “when you give a mouse a cookie…”). He’s a small child, don’t leave him all forlorn.

    At the same time, I admire Meddick’s ability to milk humor and pathos from the same scene.

  4. SFLoridan commented on Mike Luckovich 21 days ago

    No need to choose – yesterday’s Trump will return tomorrow, and today’s will also similarly recur. There’s no opportunity lost here.

  5. SFLoridan commented on Candorville 21 days ago

    Good one!

  6. SFLoridan commented on Jane's World 22 days ago

    Too many assumptions here – I AM a man (my choice of avatar is because it closely resembles my wife)!

  7. SFLoridan commented on Calvin and Hobbes 23 days ago

    To be fair, if all the windows are open, then it IS cool enough – you may sweat, but nobody dies or even gets hurt.

  8. SFLoridan commented on Jane's World 23 days ago

    Folks here are getting it on much more than I am, and I am married!

    Or maybe because I am married…?!?

  9. SFLoridan commented on Baldo about 1 month ago

    I’d like to meet a child that young that reads William James, let alone understands and quotes him.

  10. SFLoridan commented on Candorville about 1 month ago

    Nah – not really; she keeps reminding me of the friend who did climb the corporate ladder so much better.
    j/k…we mesh well; ’nuff said.

    But thanks!