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  1. Stuart Gathman commented on Brewster Rockit 5 days ago

    I’m betting Brewster’s conclusion is correct.

  2. Stuart Gathman commented on Annie 6 days ago

    They just need to hold her over the side when she needs to go. Just like in the old days. If there is an accident on the deck, just hose it off with seawater.

  3. Stuart Gathman commented on Calvin and Hobbes 6 days ago

    Here’s what could happen when giving a 9 year old shooting lessons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF6-UcaMSPU

    Should start with a gun with less kick back.

  4. Stuart Gathman commented on Little Nemo 18 days ago

    I’m having a sudden urge to vacation in Canada…

  5. Stuart Gathman commented on Annie 21 days ago

    That’s so you know they are foreign, but can still understand what they are saying. Another convention is to include a few genuine widely recognized words of the language, and put the English translation in brackets. E.g.

    Ola! <<If you would be so kind as to raise both hands into the air.>>

  6. Stuart Gathman commented on B.C. 21 days ago

    http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/deaths.htm Doesn’t break out cars from other kinds of accidents, but shows the biggest general causes of death.

  7. Stuart Gathman commented on Calvin and Hobbes 24 days ago

    My mom brought wide mouth bottles (with lids) for us little boys to use in these situations. I still bring an empty Honest Tea bottle on long car trips, and have used it while stuck in stand still traffic for hours. Online stores sell little plastic devices to let a woman do the same thing.

  8. Stuart Gathman commented on One Big Happy 27 days ago

    Yeller code – very useful and impressive.

  9. Stuart Gathman commented on B.C. 29 days ago

    Four cities in Guatemala get their electricity from active volcanos!

  10. Stuart Gathman commented on Gasoline Alley about 1 month ago

    Run for office.