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  1. Stuart Gathman commented on Wizard of Id about 14 hours ago

    We don’t actually know how long the light takes to arrive. There is no way to measure the one way trip time. We can only measure the round trip time here on earth (and to reflectors on the moon).

    We also don’t know what events are “simultaneous” in relativity – there is not even an absolute order of events. For most purposes, educators arbitrarily assume (with no evidence whatsoever) that light travels the same speed both directions – and this is called the “Einstein simultaneity convention”. Einstein adopted this convention later in the development of relativity because he got tired of keeping track of two variables for the speed of light. If, on the other hand, you assume (with no evidence) that light travels much faster (approaching zero trip time) coming than going, that is an equally valid simultaneity convention in which events in the sky are taking place “now”.

    But of course neither convention is real – there is no simultaneity in relativity.

  2. Stuart Gathman commented on Little Nemo 4 days ago

    The Oz stories had a place that Dorothy and the Wizard visited in the Wizard’s airship. It had similar offerings: Air Aid and Wind Pudding.

  3. Stuart Gathman commented on Bound and Gagged 8 days ago

    40 years ago, a friend of my grandmother told me a story about her visit to the LA zoo. While they were at the zoo, one of the elephants got out into the parking lot. They eventually got it back inside – but not before it put its front legs on the top of her car. This made a significant dent in the roof of the car, and the elephant sensed that it would not hold his weight.

    The zoo had insurance that would pay for the body work. So they got into their dented, but otherwise functional car to drive home. On they way, they passed a multi-car accident on the freeway. Shortly after that, a police followed them and pulled them over.

    “Maam, it is felony to leave the scene of an accident.”
    “Oh, officer, we weren’t in the accident. We were just passing by on our way home.”
    “Then why is there a huge dent in your roof?”
    “Uh. Would you believe, an elephant sat on our car?”

  4. Stuart Gathman commented on One Big Happy 13 days ago

    A radiator is a thing you clamp onto a CPU in a fanless system to radiate the heat away.

  5. Stuart Gathman commented on Little Nemo 14 days ago

    It’s interesting how cartoon bees have stingers on their heads instead their abdomens.

  6. Stuart Gathman commented on Gasoline Alley 14 days ago

    It’s funnier.

  7. Stuart Gathman commented on Dick Tracy 15 days ago

    You don’t follow US politics, do you?

  8. Stuart Gathman commented on The Middletons 19 days ago

    It’s important to use alcohol free gas ( “True Gas” ) for the last use of a small engine before storage. Alcohol corrodes the engine.

  9. Stuart Gathman commented on Brewster Rockit 19 days ago

    You can see the white outline of their bio-film suits. The skin is already airtight – but it can’t hold the pressure in a vacuum. Today, we are experimenting with spandex spacesuits that provide the needed reinforcement and allow much greater freedom of movement than a 1970s space suit. That is how Brewster and Pam are usually pictured. But the elastic chafes the skin with extended use – hence the development of bio-films with genetically engineered bacteria that form slime over the body and reinforces the skin without chafing.

  10. Stuart Gathman commented on For Better or For Worse 21 days ago

    That would not be procrastination. Procrastination is when you personally commit to a task or action, and then put off following through. Being selective about what you spend time on is actually a skill procrastinators may need to learn.

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