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  1. ronald rini commented on Nick Anderson almost 3 years ago

    yes we have climate change and it has been going on since the earth began. There are reports that they found trees under the ice caps that melted so it must have been warmer at one time

  2. ronald rini commented on Jim Morin almost 3 years ago

    wait to see the amt of business the bars lose and how many may close up

  3. ronald rini commented on Family Tree almost 3 years ago

    not sure It amazes me all the compliments I have heard about my kid when she was over someone house. they would say I wish my kid would behave as well as yours and when their kid was over my house I would say the same thing

  4. ronald rini commented on Matt Davies almost 3 years ago

    if the dems would not have held the government for so many years we would not be in the shape we are in. and if us stupid americans would look for made in USA we would not be in the trouble we are in

  5. ronald rini commented on Nick Anderson almost 3 years ago

    how come one brings up the fact that the economy has gotten better since the dem o rats lost the house

  6. ronald rini commented on Agnes almost 3 years ago

    do not forget I can have all the wishes that will not harm me or will be sorry for.

  7. ronald rini commented on Drew Sheneman almost 3 years ago

    I think we should stop all gambling . I live in ohio and (not me)but they approved gambling here so for most of the money is sent out of state( a big selling feature). also we are losing money from the lotto sales going down and when online starts there will be less money spent on lotto so are tax base is lower. My dad a a hole was a gambler as well as his family and they all lived in poverty spending all the money they got at the race track

  8. ronald rini commented on ViewsBusiness almost 3 years ago

    remember you are pointing the finger at business but you have 3 pointing at you. quit buying imports and college students will not have to fight for 10 dollar a hour jobs. And quit bring people into the country so you can get votes we do not need 10million more people competing for the jobs that are not there

  9. ronald rini commented on ViewsBusiness almost 3 years ago

    your are thinking they will not going to import mart to spend the money. so yes china will have more jobs

  10. ronald rini commented on Lucky Cow almost 3 years ago

    we just broke a record low in cleveland where is this global warming