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  1. hariseldon59 commented on Bloom County 1 day ago

    Actually, you can read Bloom County on this site anytime you want, since most of the old strips are archived.

  2. hariseldon59 commented on Peanuts 2 days ago

    I’m reminded of this scene with Foghorn Leghorn and the egg headed kid.


  3. hariseldon59 commented on Garfield 2 days ago

    Jon’s credit card.

  4. hariseldon59 commented on Non Sequitur 4 days ago

    “I lost 140 pounds without cutting out meat or dairy. I just ate less of what I had been eating and exercised a bit more.”

    Same here. I lost 75 pounds in the last 9 months without giving up meat or dairy. Just ate less and exercised more. If anything I’ve found that eating less sugar was what helped me lose it quickly.

  5. hariseldon59 commented on Peanuts 5 days ago

    Charlie Brown invited to a party? Now I’ve seen everything.

  6. hariseldon59 commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 days ago

    Goat reminds me of Samuel T. Cogley, Attorney at Law from Star Trek.

    COGLEY: What’s the matter? Don’t you like books?
    KIRK: Oh, I like them fine, but a computer takes less space.
    COGLEY: A computer, huh? I got one of these in my office. Contains all the precedents. The synthesis of all the great legal decisions written throughout time. I never use it.
    KIRK: Why not?
    COGLEY: I’ve got my own system. Books, young man, books. Thousands of them. If time wasn’t so important, I’d show you something. My library. Thousands of books.
    KIRK: And what would be the point?
    COGLEY: This is where the law is. Not in that homogenised, pasteurised, synthesiser. Do you want to know the law, the ancient concepts in their own language, Learn the intent of the men who wrote them, from Moses to the tribunal of Alpha 3? Books.

  7. hariseldon59 commented on The Fusco Brothers 6 days ago

    Axel Cash

  8. hariseldon59 commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 days ago

    It’s kind of ironic to see people bashing ebooks while reading a comic strip online.

  9. hariseldon59 commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 days ago

    I’ll add another to your list: the ability to increase the size of the font when I need to. I’ve found that important as I’ve gotten older.

  10. hariseldon59 commented on Garfield 12 days ago

    Reminds me of the Monty Python sketch where the world was attacked by blacmanges (a kind of dessert) from outer space.