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  1. Steam Vapor commented on That is Priceless about 17 hours ago

    “Well, you see, I confess it’s really difficult to hide an erection in a toga”

  2. Steam Vapor commented on Matt Wuerker about 17 hours ago

    I recently had a conversation with an Indian taxi driver. In his country you’re allowed to own a gun (handgun or rifle) but you have to go before a court and prove the reason why. (There are tigers in my neighborhood, or, I married outside my caste and his family has threatened to kill me).
    They will then issue you ten bullets. Then every year they come to your house and check to see if you still have them, and you must account for why any are missing. (I went to the practice gun range/no, I didn’t shoot my lover/four bullets fell in the toilet while it was flushing).
    Sounds good to me!
    We should do that here!
    I’m serious!

  3. Steam Vapor commented on Red and Rover 1 day ago

    Something like 50 years ago the dental assistant, who couldn’t have been more than 6 years older than me (and wore her smock to expose a little cleavage) used to work on my mouth with her left breast pressed against the right side of my face.
    I kept a magazine on my lap.
    Boy, did she smell good.

  4. Steam Vapor commented on Last Kiss 1 day ago

    You’ll notice that in the older artwork the scene is set on a train. Methinks they’ll be joining the meter-high club there.

  5. Steam Vapor commented on Sheldon 7 days ago

    DON’T shush him. I wanna hear this….

  6. Steam Vapor commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 7 days ago

    OK, I remember reading that once, but,… masturbation?!?
    umm…. no.

  7. Steam Vapor commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 23 days ago

    This ‘pumpkin spice’ of which you speak. Is this a riff on ‘Dune’?

  8. Steam Vapor commented on Monty 23 days ago

    It all tastes the same because, well, let me put it this way: the krab is pollock, the shrimp is pollock, the lobster is pollock, the snapper is pollock, the cod is pollock, only the pollock isn’t pollock, it’s turbot.

  9. Steam Vapor commented on Monty 25 days ago

    I was at a restaurant.
    The host said “30 minute wait for a table”
    Me: “OK”
    host: “What’s your phone number? We’ll call you when it’s ready”
    me: “You won’t get me, because I’m here”
    host: “Huh?”
    me: “I’m here and my phone is in my hallway”
    host: “You didn’t bring it?”
    me: “It’s a landline”
    host: “what’s a land line?”


  10. Steam Vapor commented on Richard's Poor Almanac 27 days ago

    Jumping REALLY high (outside the atmosphere!) but then falling to earth. I always wake before I strike tho….