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Pibgorn by Brooke McEldowney


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  1. mhgbear commented on Luann over 2 years ago

    You go!!

  2. mhgbear commented on Frank & Ernest over 2 years ago

    Painful, but a great way to start the day!

  3. mhgbear commented on Frazz over 2 years ago

    Viva Public Radio!!!!!

  4. mhgbear commented on Arlo and Janis over 2 years ago

    We call it the “Blessing of the Box!” ROFL

  5. mhgbear commented on Arlo and Janis almost 3 years ago

    Are you bragging or complaining? ROFL

  6. mhgbear commented on Arlo and Janis almost 3 years ago

    “Foreplay” – That’s the first time I’ve seen THAT word in a syndicated comic strip! Wonder if Victor Borga, with his inflationary language, would call that fiveplay??

  7. mhgbear commented on Frazz almost 3 years ago

    “Ridi Fibonaccio…” with apologies to Ruggero Leoncavallo (Yeah, like I’m actually sorry… Punsters, Unite!!!)

  8. mhgbear commented on Sylvia over 3 years ago

    Sylvia will be truly missed! Being a cat lover, I especially enjoy the strips with the boys (and poor Ralph!). I hope the recirculation will happen, as I’m addicted to Sylvia, too. Thank you, Nicole, for a wonder strip!

  9. mhgbear commented on Heart of the City over 3 years ago

    Boy, you sure tugged at the (forgive the pun) heart strings for the past couple of weeks. If real life could be like a comic strip, indeed. I still miss my Foudini that had to be put down a few years ago. Love doesn’t die, and my condolences on the loss of Tudaze. May we never take our animal companions for granted.

  10. mhgbear commented on Heart of the City almost 4 years ago

    Hooray for Dean and Spock the cat! I wondered how this would come out. If this had gone the other way, I hope that it would have been handled very gently and lovingly. In real life there are very few mixups like this. We don’t know who owns Spock the dog, but I extend them my sympathies and best wishes.