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  1. Katman commented on Tarzan about 15 hours ago

    Elephant, Rhino, Lions and other creatures lives matter! :)> WhenDidTarzanGetSuchASmallHeadAGowa!!

  2. Katman commented on Tarzan 1 day ago

    Bubble, bubble, fire and flame…..they have finally arrived at Merala’s BBQ furnace. I wonder just how “hot” Betty is now? :)> PassThoseRibsAGowa!!

  3. Katman commented on Tarzan 3 days ago

    Tarzan sure likes to lift his arms so as to spread out the BO he’s accumulated over the years (when’s the last time he bathed, although he did pass under that waterfall weeks ago…..). :)> UhOhBettyHasTheHotsAGowa!!

  4. Katman commented on Tarzan 4 days ago

    That werewolf “dog” is going to be madder than ever by the time those hairy, smelly guards arrive! :)> Sic’EmWolfieAGowa!!

  5. Katman commented on Tarzan 4 days ago

    I fully agree, Gershwin should stick to music, not comic strip artwork~! :)> BushLeagueArtAGowa!!

  6. Katman commented on Tarzan 5 days ago

    Tarzan is going to lay down some serious whupa$$ on that Doberman wannabe! He’s gonna jump down, turn around, swing dat ole “wolf” on a chain! :)> DizzyMadDawgAGowa!!

  7. Katman commented on Tarzan 5 days ago

    Really? Can Kit Walker be far behind?? :)> P-Hant-OmAGowa!!

  8. Katman commented on Tarzan 6 days ago

    Local werewolf thirsting for blood…….. :)> SandwichedAgainAGowa!!

  9. Katman commented on Tarzan 7 days ago

    Who’s next to come down the corridor……The Seven Dwarves……er, “Little People”? Sorry if I offended any midgets! :)> Hi-HoHi-HoAGowa!!

  10. Katman commented on Tarzan 8 days ago

    Donald Trump in a Tarzan strip…….just how low can these lurid Sunday stories go? What next, frumpy Hillary Clinton doing a street walk in Times Square? :)> HateSundayStripsAGowa!!