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  1. Katman commented on Tarzan about 16 hours ago

    Musa must have skipped Math classes in school, plus what is that object in panel 3? Another poor elephant with 4 spears sticking out of its buttocks? :)> Big"F"InMathForMusaAGowa!!

  2. Katman commented on Tarzan 1 day ago

    Tarzan is on his apex game when he kills murderous, conniving “humans”! :)> SnapTheirNecksAGowa!!

  3. Katman commented on Tarzan 3 days ago

    An elephant’s trunk is made up mostly of muscle tissue therefore it would not bleed a lot from a spear wound. The rumblings of the elephants reflect contintment in their communication, much like cats purr. :)> TarzanGoodFriendToTantorsAGowa!!

  4. Katman commented on Tarzan 4 days ago

    Giddyap Tantor, elephant cavalry to the rescue….once that prickly stick is removed! :)> ChargeAGowa!!

  5. Katman commented on Tarzan 5 days ago

    Thse terrible Sunday strips are not related to the much better weekly black & white ones. Hence no continuity in the storylines from 1949 and the 1960’s, ;)> SundayStripsStinkAGowa!!

  6. Katman commented on Tarzan 5 days ago

    In the meantime allow Aunt Musa Jemima to cook you some bush meat pancakes Bwana Tarzan Bwana………and maybe something more! :)> IHopeNotTheThreeStoogesAGowa!!

  7. Katman commented on Tarzan 6 days ago

    Sunday Tarzan Strips——-stupid, ridiculous, and a total embarrassment! :)> AHuge"UCK"AGowa!!

  8. Katman commented on Tarzan 7 days ago

    Well, at least we have a “diversified” rescue group in motion! :)> NoProtestsHereAGowa!!

  9. Katman commented on Tarzan 7 days ago

    LMFAO, Tribemate Trainman! :)> ChooChooAGowa!!

  10. Katman commented on Tarzan 8 days ago

    Musa….the “companion” of now-dead Trader McNabb….I wonder how “close” they were….dirty old Trader McNabb! :)> He’sNotBillCosbyAGowa!!