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  1. Katman commented on Tarzan about 15 hours ago

    Now don’t tell me that Tarzan is going to let B.T. Slam off with a warning instead of plunging his knife between Slam’s eyes! If it’s the “PC” Tarzan, he’ll offer Slam some milk and cookies, then send Slam to an asylum for counseling and after a few years he’ll be out looking for more revenge. :)> StickThatSlamAGowa!!

  2. Katman commented on Tarzan 1 day ago

    Will Slam be done in by Saturday? Unmasked and ugly, maybe he can find work at the American Horror Story “Freakshow”? Anyways, Tarzan will get the last punch in and Slam will join his buddies in the river! :)> CrocFeastAGowa!!

  3. Katman commented on Tarzan 3 days ago

    Tarzan takes one for the Tribemates and then begins the big Slam smackdown which should take all week. Meanwhile Slam looks like some S&M actor in that weird costume, perfect for Halloween once the mask gets ripped off…….the mask will get ripped off, won’t it? :)> TrickOrTreatSlamAGowa!!

  4. Katman commented on Tarzan 4 days ago

    Tarzan will simply roll out of the way of B.T. Slam’s attack. Now to figure out how Slam will be done in…..pygmy poison dart, Tantor pancake-stomp, N’Kima poop bombardment, or the good old-fashioned Tarzan knife in the guts….or, is that “butt”? :)> ButtSlamDoneAGowa!!

  5. Katman commented on Tarzan 5 days ago

    BloJo and Red will be smashed on the river rocks and drown. The poor horse will be scared out if its wits, but will survive and bit bruised and the pygmies will have their barbecue! Now get to it——all Tribemates want to see the big Slam vs. Tarzan smack down where Tarzan will perform further facial deconstruction just in time for Halloween! :)> BooUghSlamAGowa!!

  6. Katman commented on Tarzan 6 days ago

    Today’s highly “exciting” installment stinks of Rancid Tarzan Grease, plus he’s gone metro-sexual once again with those Daisy Duke cut-off short-shorts! :(> UghAGowa!!

  7. Katman commented on Tarzan 7 days ago

    Slam’s man, BloJo will be eaten by crocodiles. Turncoat Red Stoned will be swept away by the raging river and drowned. The pygmies will rescue the horse and have a big barbecue this evening while Tarzan and B.T. Slam have their final jungle beat-down! :)> Slam’sHeadOnAStakeBooAGowa!!

  8. Katman commented on Tarzan 8 days ago

    But, but, but………….:)> AlrightAlreadyAGowa!!

  9. Katman commented on Tarzan 8 days ago

    The pygmies will arrive in the nick of time, unless Red regains his senses and takes on BloJo Valdez mano a mano! :)> RumbleInTheJunglesAGowa!!

  10. Katman commented on Tarzan 9 days ago

    But Slam has to maintain his “girlish” waistline, or BloJo will lose interest! :)> GetItHaHaAGowa!!