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  1. Katman commented on Tarzan 1 day ago

    All the Tribemates here know exactly what Queen Pneumonia really needs! Go on Tarzan….give “IT” to her!! :)> RightThereOnTheCarpetAGowa!!!

  2. Katman commented on Tarzan 2 days ago

    WOW! Queen Pneumonia sure turns ugly when she is angered! Looks like Tarzan and Pneumonia won’t be getting it on anytime soon! :)> TomosSpoiledAllTheFunAGowa!!

  3. Katman commented on Tarzan 3 days ago

    Tarzan is about to loose his spitting cobra upon Queen Pneumonia! That should keep her occupied for a while!! :)>MirrorMirrorOnTheWallAGowa!!!

  4. Katman commented on Tarzan 4 days ago

    Queen Pneumonia has best “inspect” troops, that slimeball Erot is in bad need of a shave and most likely a bath as well! :)> StinkySoldiersSmellAGowa!!

  5. Katman commented on Tarzan 5 days ago

    In the last panel: Does Tarzan have allergies, or is he imitating some Asian? :)> SwollenSquintyEyesAGowa!!

  6. Katman commented on Tarzan 6 days ago

    Tarzan should do as the monkeys do, throw some scheiss down upon Erot and Pendis! :)> BigStinkySplatAGowa!!

  7. Katman commented on Tarzan 8 days ago

    Tarzan keep racking up the lion kills and Queen Pneumonia is hot to put another notch on her bedpost! :)> HotTimeInTheBoudiorComingSoon!!

  8. Katman commented on Tarzan 9 days ago

    Queen Pneumonia is NOT going like losing one of pets in this manner! Then, again perhaps she’ll be overly “excited” at how her jungle man acted? :)> RavageMeTarzanAGowa!!

  9. Katman commented on Tarzan 10 days ago

    And yet another beautiful jungle cat dies at Tarzan’s hand. He should have taken to the trees and used that sopear on Erot, or Phineas (or whatever his name is)! :)> TarzanNotLionsFriendAGowa!!

  10. Katman commented on Tarzan 11 days ago

    So instead of spearing Pindes, Tarzan will kill another lion. :)> LionPopulationDroppingRapidlyAGowa!!