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  1. Joe H commented on Tarzan 7 months ago


  2. Joe H commented on Luann Againn 7 months ago

    Awesome, I’ve been wondering when Mom & Pop were going to appear (besides seeing them from the knees down).

    I’ve been reading Luann for many years though I missed the early strips. I think Luann & her friends had just entered high school when I became a fan, And Brad had just got his first car. That’s what hooked me, Brad covered with grease & grime after working on his car reminded me so much of my youth & my first car.

    I’m very glad Luann Againn was being published

  3. Joe H commented on Endtown 7 months ago

    I support Aaron Neathery and love to see more. I bought his books on Amazon.

  4. Joe H commented on Annie 7 months ago

    Close as we’re going to see, “Get a room.”

  5. Joe H commented on Endtown 8 months ago

    In the immortal words of Astro,

    “Rut-Roh Rorge!”

  6. Joe H commented on Tarzan 8 months ago

    So this is where the idea of parachute jumping into stadiums orginated…

  7. Joe H commented on Annie 9 months ago

    Neat. Panel 7: nod to the alien’s mothership and Devil’s Tower in CE3K.

    Don’t believe me? Have a gander at this pic,

  8. Joe H commented on That is Priceless 11 months ago


  9. Joe H commented on Banana Triangle 12 months ago

    Scotty just pooped his tighty whiteys.

  10. Joe H commented on The Martian Confederacy almost 1 year ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed this strip while it lasted. Really hope to see more!