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The Flying McCoys by Glenn McCoy and Gary McCoy

The Flying McCoys

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  1. phil m commented on The Duplex about 3 hours ago

    This pumpkin bit is, sorry, totally dumb. Fang is one smart dog and would KNOW that the pumpkin isn’t any more alive than a head of lettuce.

  2. phil m commented on Speed Bump about 4 hours ago

    Just skip making homemade altogether and buy at your local store.

  3. phil m commented on The Flying McCoys 2 days ago

    So . . . how do they expect to take over and live on our planet, if they can’t even breath our atmosphere? ( They’re wearing space helmets )

  4. phil m commented on Close to Home 3 days ago

    Instead of damaging the tire, which is expensive, just let the air out of one. It sends a message and they have to work to change the tire.

  5. phil m commented on Farcus 3 days ago

    Point to ponder. The chef does all the cooking, but it’s the waitress who just brings the food to you who takes home the tips.

  6. phil m commented on The Flying McCoys 3 days ago

    Wait till he learns he can take his cell phone with him, but you can’t get any signal down below. Ha, Ha ha, ha

  7. phil m commented on Garfield 4 days ago

    I picked the wrong time of year to start my diet. But I have lost ten pounds so far.

  8. phil m commented on The Duplex 7 days ago

    Are the new flat panel sets even serviceable? The old tube sets had parts you could take out and replace.

  9. phil m commented on Farcus 9 days ago

    Yawn ….

  10. phil m commented on The Flying McCoys 13 days ago

    Hate car pool lanes. Public roads paid for by everyone’s taxes that only certain people can use? That stupidity should be repealed.