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  1. Cozmik Cowboy commented on Get Fuzzy about 5 hours ago

    “Love to eat them mousies” does not get him on the list; his non-cat stuff was brilliant – the cat stuff…well, i just covered it.

  2. Cozmik Cowboy commented on Get Fuzzy about 5 hours ago

    Major brain fart – of course!

  3. Cozmik Cowboy commented on Get Fuzzy 1 day ago

    A complete list of cartoonists have made cats funny:

    R. Crumb
    Gilbert Shelton
    Darby Conley

  4. Cozmik Cowboy commented on Bliss 1 day ago

    I still have them; nothing like being a child of the Cold War, eh?

  5. Cozmik Cowboy commented on Doonesbury 3 days ago

    Read their platform. Just the idea that corporations, left alone, will protect the environment, is ludicrous enough to debunk them; if you do away with governemnt you’ll still be governed – you’ll be governed by corporations. And that, my friend, will not be a gentle governance.
    Jill Stein: a truly rational choice!

  6. Cozmik Cowboy commented on FoxTrot 3 days ago

    Already seems to be done here; didn’t last much longer that a week. Hurray!

  7. Cozmik Cowboy commented on Non Sequitur 3 days ago

    Well, no -that is inaccurate. A hot dog, done properly is:
    1) An all-beef hot dog, steamed. Not bouiled or broiled, and certainly not cooked on a griddle. Steamed.
    2) Put it on a steamed poppyseed bun and add
    3) Yellow mustard
    4) Piccallili (sweet relish died bright green)
    4) chopped raw onion
    5) One kosher dill pickle spear (not a cucumber. Well, not anymore)
    6) Two tomato wedges
    7) Three sport peppers and
    8) A dash of celery salt.

    Put it on the paper, throw an order of fries beside it, and wrap it up.

    NEVER ketchup (that’s for Italian sausage, with saut├ęd bell peppers) or sauerkraut (that’s for barbarians), and no fried onions (that goes on a Maxwell Street – polish sausage with fried onions & yellow mustard).

  8. Cozmik Cowboy commented on Non Sequitur 4 days ago

    Nope, not pig – only 100% beef here!

  9. Cozmik Cowboy commented on Moderately Confused 4 days ago

    You have the wrong neighbors, lday; I have more organic heirloom maters on my counter than I know what to do with, and he promised many more.

  10. Cozmik Cowboy commented on Non Sequitur 4 days ago

    There are many places in and around Chicago that will refuse to perform such sacrilege – and i once saw one place throw someone out for asking.
    And rightly so. Heathen..