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  1. Hectoruno commented on Glenn McCoy 6 months ago

    @tom you are predicting a Bidden vs Paul race. The whole primary thing has been a waste of time as the 25 or so delegates on both sides ran for nothing.

  2. Hectoruno commented on ViewsAmerica over 1 year ago

    Do I really have to do homework to read a cartoon?

  3. Hectoruno commented on Jerry Holbert over 1 year ago

    " If the Republicans had nominated someone who could actually win, we’d have seen the last of the serial groper" that could be said of any Democrat President. If they nominate someone who could win there would only be Republican presidents and the poor would all be in labor camps.

  4. Hectoruno commented on Matt Davies over 1 year ago

    And taking the air out of your tires increases gas mileage. It works until a point is reached and than it cause harm. A car can’t run on flat tires.

  5. Hectoruno commented on Ken Catalino over 1 year ago

    I like the way Obama explained it on the Daily Show. “You don’t need peace treaties with your friends.”

  6. Hectoruno commented on Banana Triangle almost 2 years ago

    And then they kiss.

  7. Hectoruno commented on Brevity almost 2 years ago

    If Death gives you lemons don’t eat them. They are a gift from Death. Use the lemons to clean the furniture. You may be going away for a while.

  8. Hectoruno commented on Doonesbury almost 2 years ago

    What did tweets look like back in 77?

  9. Hectoruno commented on The Meaning of Lila almost 2 years ago

    Just show the shoes. I can’t decide one way or another without context.

  10. Hectoruno commented on Watch Your Head about 2 years ago

    He tried getting an outside life. his ex girlfriend sawed herself in half trying a magic trick while texting him for help. His present girl friend wouldn’t let him go to answer the text.It soured him on the whole thing.