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  1. Mr. MOR commented on WuMo 1 day ago

    I am NOT turning this metamorphosis around.

  2. Mr. MOR commented on The Martian Confederacy 1 day ago

    @Bruno Zeigerts

    Or Alice (Hathaway)

  3. Mr. MOR commented on Jim Morin 1 day ago

    Hogwash, the befeathered guy wandered here from somewhere else just like the europeans in fact many “native” americans have european dna prior to european settlements. The rest of us just waited to take the boat.

    I don’t think that their DNA is relevant. They had, in fact, “wandered here”, just as those first Europeans wandered over looking for trade routes to the Orient, (or just exploring like the Vikings). The difference is, the Native Americans had established their residency, maintained the borders of their rangelands (their ‘states’ if you will) and had a culture and a civilization that spanned the Western Hemisphere.

    The Europeans came and killed them, drove them out of their land, forced them on death marches (the Trail of Tears) and massacred their women and children (the Sand Creek Massacre in Colorado is just one that comes to mind.)

    I, myself, am glad to be here, and to born in this great country, but it is beyond insensitive not to acknowledge that my being here came at the cost of another, original culture who peopled this land.

    As for the current immigration situation. On my father’s side, my great great great grandfather came legally from Germany. But on my mother’ side, my great great great grandfather escaped forced conscription as a youth (the Napoleanic wars, and no, I don’t know which ‘side’ was trying to conscript him) by stowing away on a boat, remaining hidden until the ship arrived in New Orleans, and then slipping off, somehow unnoticed, to establish and build a new life where he was safe to work hard and start a family.

    So understandably, I feel for children and youth fleeing for lives to avoid almost certain conscription of their own. In fact, I think our country should view them as refugees seeking asylum rather than illegal immigrants. It seems to me that that is what our current law may be seeking to determine for them. If that is true, I wholly support that.

    On a side note… It is always a pleasure when I see the “Saints for Sanity” icon. I know that I will shortly be enjoying a well balanced and intelligent post. Thank you Respectful Troll, I wish you had time to post more. If you don’t mind, I’ll end with…

    Also respectfully,

  4. Mr. MOR commented on Tom Toles 1 day ago

    @Michael wme
    Just wanted to say thanks for providing links that actually go to articles that are, themselves, both informative and also linked to their own source material.

  5. Mr. MOR commented on Clay Bennett 4 days ago


    Ok, I read the article. It seems to say that if a family of four estimates it’s yearly income at $23,850, but actually makes over $95,400, they have to pay back the subsidy. If they make more than $61,500 but less than $95,401, they have to pay back $2,500 of the subsidy. $47,701 to $61,500, they must pay back $1,500, and if they estimated there income at below $23,850, but make more than that but less than $47,701, they’ll have to pay back $600. (This from the chart at the end of the article)

    I feel for the family that estimates making below $23,850 and ends up making just over. They would suffer a net loss and it would be hard to come up with that amount.

    It’s harder for me to feel bad about a family that doubles it’s estimated income and has to pay back $1,500, or triples it and has to pay back $2,500, or makes nearly $100k and has to pay it all back.

    Am I reading that correctly?

  6. Mr. MOR commented on Steve Benson 6 days ago

    And they’re all cleverly disguised as 8-12 year olds.

  7. Mr. MOR commented on Rob Rogers 15 days ago

    Hi Harley,

    I followed all your links. This is what I found…


    This doesn’t ever mention the president. It says that the Reid campaign got $500 from the Koch brothers 11 years ago.

    This is a picture of a tennis shoe

    This page says…

    “But the directive issued by the Obama Administration grants folks who’d be eligible for the DREAM Act a reprieve from deportation and work-authorization papers. It doesn’t grant citizenship or legal status.”

    In this one Texas Rep. Lamar Smith uses phrases like, “this may not just…”, “it could be that…”, “it’s likely to…” “I believe that…” and “I understand that…” In a radio interview. Unfortunately, he never says, “This is what the Executive Order says.” Eventually, he says he objects that immigration officials have been given “too much discretion” to decide the fate of illegal immigrants. Finally! Something to tracK! So I looked up “more discretion for immigration officials” and found that was exactly what Lamar Smith was asking for earlier in his career. (Here’s that link –

    That interview was from August of 2011, and Rep. Smith’s remedy, he said, was “to hold hearings”, “make people testify under oath” and if you believe he’s “right, elect a new president in 2012”.

    This one says that the Senate passed an immigration bill and the house passed an immigration bill and neither group will sit down and work to meld the bills together. Also, there are bills that Dems have co-sponsored, co-written, “penned”, etc. that are also not being voted on by the Senate.

    No mention of the president’s Executive Order.

    More pictures of tennis shoes.

    I really wanted to have good links. I like to be informed during discussions, but unfortunately, these were all a waste of time. Sorry, Harley, but I’m much less likely to follow your links, or even believe what you say anymore.

    And now, I guess, I’ll look at mikefive’s link. Thanks Mike.

  8. Mr. MOR commented on Rob Rogers 22 days ago


    “Opt out of any law (save tax laws)…”

    You actually made me laugh out loud this morning. Well done!

    Of course that quote is from Ginsberg’s dissent and says that’s ‘exactly’ what will happen.

    But what a good idea to put “We do not hold” in front of it, since you know that people, in fact, do NOT do that modicum of research and you can get away with it.

    Well played, sir.

  9. Mr. MOR commented on Jeff Danziger about 1 month ago

    I know this will make no difference to the people who refuse to look up the data. Whatever side of the argument you’re in, you should at least get your facts straight.


    In 2011 there 12,664 murders with 8583 by firearms, 1694 by knives and 496 by blunt objects.

    The original ‘report’ said there were more deaths by knives and Blunt objects than by rifles, which are a long range weapon. I guess he or she hoped that people would see ‘rifles’ and translate that in there heads to ‘guns’ or ‘firearms’ and it seems to have worked,

  10. Mr. MOR commented on Rip Haywire 3 months ago

    Hmmm, who’s chin do you think it was? Rip, or his horse?