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  1. Mr. MOR commented on Signe Wilkinson almost 2 years ago

    That ship sailed long ago. I think I read he said in an interview that he would be dusting off his veto pen for the next two years.

  2. Mr. MOR commented on Jim Morin almost 2 years ago

    Thank you for the link. So the answer is b.) countings babies, children’s preteens and the elderly, it’s 92 million. Here’s a chart from the BLS for you to peruse… http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.t11.htm
    It’s the 5.8% unemployment rate broken down by reason for unemployment. Please don’t dis the BLS, though, because your link gots it info there too.

  3. Mr. MOR commented on Jim Morin almost 2 years ago

    Reality, 92, million not in the labor force,

    You see, this is why We can’t take anything you say seriously, Harleyquinn. 92 million in a country with a population of 320 million? I can only guess that a.) you’re including babies, children, pre-teens and the elderly in that number, or b.) you believe out of a potential workforce of 175-225 million (let’s take the 225) that the unemployment rate is actually 41%. or c.) you count on other people’s laziness to not think and not check your “Reality”.

    I’m really am sorry to say it, but for me you have no credibility.

  4. Mr. MOR commented on Jim Morin almost 2 years ago

    Took but a moment to look it up. Here’s a chart. Also, the the first article reads, “US GDP Growth at 11-Year High”

  5. Mr. MOR commented on Ted Rall almost 2 years ago

    Nice irony with the term “Crusader flag”!

  6. Mr. MOR commented on Jeff Stahler about 2 years ago

    Hooray for President Obama for lowering the price of gas!

  7. Mr. MOR commented on The Argyle Sweater about 2 years ago

    Oh, the Iron E!

  8. Mr. MOR commented on Signe Wilkinson about 2 years ago

    Again, this is why I can’t believe you. You throw out these ‘facts’ like, “Al Gore is now richer than Mitt Romney” and it takes about two seconds to look that up, and find out that Romney has at least twice what Gore has. And yet, no matter how many times I say I won’t any more, I find myself following your links to pictures of tennis shoes or bloggers presenting their opinions as facts. Maybe I do it just to keep reassuring myself that you no basis in actual facts, but if you want to post your link to the relative net worths of Romney and Gore. I’ll take a look.

  9. Mr. MOR commented on Jeff Stahler about 2 years ago

    I get that’s how you want the Internet to work, but that’s not the Net Neutrality problem.

    The sites that will be slowed down are the ones who won’t, or can’t pony up the extra charges, wether they use 20 Meg’s or 20 gigs. It’s about the speed of delivery.
    Your connection will still register as ‘speedy fast’ when you test it, but the content will take its own sweet time to reach you. You’ll have a fast connection, but slow access to certain sites. And when that happens, will you have the patience to wait? Or will you find another site that has a speedier delivery time. Most people will choose the latter, and new ideas, new businesses will be starved out.
    Net neutrality only says that all data access should be equal. Net fix is just the best example of how to explain it, but please don’t think that it only has to do with the ‘size of the files’.

  10. Mr. MOR commented on Rob Rogers about 2 years ago

    Harleyquinn is right! The good guys are in charge now.

    Though, he has said many times before, ‘blah, blah, blah… blame Bush. You can’t hold the past accountable for the present.’

    I am sure that his integrity and his logic will now force him to hold the repubs responsible for all the ills of the country during the time they control both houses. I look forward to your switchover, Mr. Harley!