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  1. Mr Pete commented on Luann 2 months ago

    “so yesterday”… you’re welcome to your interpretation of course, but visible evidence (on the first day of the arc) is that Knute is some kind of Official School Bathroom Cleaner.
    As such, obviously he’d have permission to close the bathrooms as needed.

    If so, your interpretation of what was and was not permissible goes out the window.

    And your interpretation is not matching what is actually happening now.

  2. Mr Pete commented on Luann 2 months ago

    I just deciphered the Real Mistake in this arc :-D

    1/27 — Knute’s wearing his Official Volunteer Restroom Cleaning uniform.
    1/28 — The uniform has disappeared now that Leslie shows up.

    Obviously (???) Leslie would have respected Knute’s authority if only he had known that Knute was In Charge of the Restrooms.

  3. Mr Pete commented on Luann 2 months ago

    @seismic-2 (and @ReallyBad), time to look inward. When almost everyone else thinks different, and the guy you are rooting for is getting in trouble, maybe its your own ethics that need a rethink?

    Or maybe you’re gonna double down?

    “Fair” is treating everyone special. And I think you’ll find there’s no “regulation” about women in men’s rooms. After all, most of those who clean up are women.

    Clearly, Knute’s some kind of Official Volunteer Cleaner. With the right to shut down the bathroom. (What a domain ;) )

  4. Mr Pete commented on Luann 3 months ago

    @seismic-2 and @ReallyBad —
    You seem to think nobody should ever “take over” the restroom.

    It’s far more common — and appropriate — than you might imagine. As I noted yesterday, it happens whenever the cleaning people are in there.

    But it also happens exactly as shown in the strip here: public buildings NEED more restrooms/stalls for women than men. I’ve often seen exactly this scenario take place, where the men’s room is empty while the women’s is full.

    I sure hope you would not be as boorish as Leslie in real life when you encounter this scenario. It will likely happen to you some day.


  5. Mr Pete commented on Luann 3 months ago

    (Funny how a comic strip has generated such passionate / vigorous discussion!)

    @seismic-2 @ReallyBad

    Sorry folks, you’re stretching it.
    1) Crystal explicitly said she could not go elsewhere and really had to go.
    2) We have zero evidence that Leslie had no alternatives
    3) Whatever happened to patience?

    It is incredibly common for a restroom to be briefly unavailable, for cleaning or whatever. Knute informed Leslie that it was unavailable — briefly, not for a long time “she’ll be done in a sec.”

    By your logic, Leslie’s “right” to barge in overrides anything — full bathroom, being cleaned, girl in there briefly, whatever. Sorry, that doesn’t fly.

    Leslie should have had the patience to wait a sec. Clearly he had no intention of doing so. He explicitly was ignoring everything else going on and just arrogantly wanted to Have It His Way.

    Not a good way to go through life.

  6. Mr Pete commented on Luann 3 months ago

    @seismic-2: you’ve reinterpreted the events.

    Knute warned Les while they were outside. Les ignored the warning (he COULD have gone to a different men’s room)

    Les ALSO said “Hm! Should be fun!” — a threat.
    Les ALSO said “I don’t care what you told me doofus” — another threat.
    There’s no evidence that he was going to ignore Crystal, given his statements. We can’t prove whether or not he was going to ignore her but his words indicated that he intended to “have some fun” and certainly didn’t care what Knute said.

    Thus, Les was asserting his power over everyone else involved. I.e., a bully.

  7. Mr Pete commented on Rip Haywire 3 months ago

    The computer-squirrels should be awake by then, ready to spin up the power wheel.

  8. Mr Pete commented on Rip Haywire 5 months ago

    I’ll suggest the opposite: Breezy is much more lively with the threat of Cobra around.

    Breezy is ALMOST everything Rip could want… except that she seems to have a tendency to settle down too much…

    But get Breezy’s dander up defending with Rip or her relationship with Rip… or anyone else (including Cobra) who is under fire…and she turns into a fireball that matches her hair.

    Will Breezy finally catch Rip? Will Cobra be redeemed? Where does Tj fit in the long run?

    And what about Naomi?


  9. Mr Pete commented on Rip Haywire 5 months ago

    Sad. He “married” Cobra and it worked fine… Breezy isn’t exactly afraid of adventure :)

  10. Mr Pete commented on Luann 9 months ago

    @DaJellyBelly, @DWF33

    Why do posters have to write novels on this board?

    Believe it or not, cartoonists do know how to write, and often write down their upcoming sequences in (shudder!) PARAGRAPHS! :-D

    Apparently, some people can’t tell that each of those stories was unique. Maybe they see a Real Paragraph as just a maze of twisty-windy words all alike…totally boring.

    Some of us can actually read however, and enjoyed the mini-storylines. Thanks, Leviticus :)