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  1. Phantom Marine commented on Mike Luckovich 9 days ago

    It’s obvious you have never read the whole report about the IRS either. It was NOT just the Tea Party but support organizations from both parties plus that entity that calls itself the "Tea Party’ but has no knowledge about the original Tea Party.

  2. Phantom Marine commented on Mike Luckovich 25 days ago

    And it is the Ultra-right who prove that it is racist.

  3. Phantom Marine commented on Jeff Stahler 29 days ago

    1. I live next door to a family of them. They sure look like a part of the population.
    2. They do harder jobs than any of those of us who immigrated a few generations ago. Most people won’t even take their jobs because the pay is too low and the work too hard.
    3. Congress has refused to do anything and even stated at the beginning of the present administration term that “they were determined to see that he would fail”
    4. Apparently you don’t even read the conservative news. The impeachment mangers seem to want Joe Biden to finish out the term,

  4. Phantom Marine commented on Rob Rogers about 1 month ago

    Check again, Tom. They all are relatively rich but the bulk of the $ belongs to the GOP. But then you never really liked to check facts any way. Which website/TV station / Rag from the grocery counter gives you your facts?

  5. Phantom Marine commented on Rob Rogers about 1 month ago

    Not nearly as poor losers as the GOP (notice most of the "libs’ don’t resort to derogatory nicknames for the ‘other’ party) who have been crying about the Democratic party ever since they lost the presidency.
    I have been a member of the GOP for most of my life but the past 6 years have made me embarrassed with my party. We need to have the compassion and ability to look forward like our first GOP president, Lincoln. Even more the most forward looking of all GOP presidents in TR.
    I think we have lost that ability to really care for what is best for all Americans and not just those in power.

  6. Phantom Marine commented on Rob Rogers about 1 month ago

    My guess is that you are, in no way are paid any where near what you should be for whatever kind of work you do. That is if you even bother to work at all or just collect your money from underpaid workers who are trying to make ends meet while working 2 and 3 jobs and still taking care of a family.
    Put yourself in the shoes of those you seem to belittle with ease. I doubt very much if you would even be able to exist in the life of one of today’s families that are trying to make their living with a job instead of waiting for their investments to come in.

  7. Phantom Marine commented on Rob Rogers about 1 month ago

    As I have mentioned to you before, get a grip on reality instead of the false world you have created in your own little narrow mind. Go back and actually see what happened before the current president took office.
    Go back and see who had the great idea to take what had been a balanced budget with a small excess and use that excess to give out a tax rebate that did nothing but put us back in the red. Then he started a multi-billion $ war (for whatever reason – including some false ones) that puts us deeper in debt. These policies set up the economy for a crash (almost exactly like the one in 1929) Then his party blames the problems on the one who was supposed to fix his broken economic policies.
    All the time that president’s party begins by stating very clearly, “We are going to make sure that the new president will fail” They continually reject anything that he suggests, even when they may be based upon working programs by GOP leaders in other areas.
    Read and learn from history instead of making up your own!

  8. Phantom Marine commented on Rob Rogers about 1 month ago

    Thank you. You are quite accurate but people like Harleyquinn make up their own reality and have no idea what has happened or will be happening in the world. “They are condemned to repeat all the errors of the past” because they only wish to to believe the world they have created in their dreams.

  9. Phantom Marine commented on Glenn McCoy about 1 month ago

    Unemployment is at the lowest it has been in years.
    The stock market is at an all time high.
    Inflation has the lower rate than it has been in almost 50 years.
    Oh, Yes, the rich have double digit increases in worth and income.
    So it all depends on your perspective.

  10. Phantom Marine commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 1 month ago

    And you gain an extra one half g by grunting when in the midst of a high g maneuver in a jet fighter.