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  1. Phantom Marine commented on Nick Anderson 8 days ago

    Oh, so only liberals actually look at the facts????

  2. Phantom Marine commented on Stuart Carlson 10 days ago

    Was that Mad Max or Mad Magazine??

  3. Phantom Marine commented on Nick Anderson 21 days ago

    You, obviously, have no concept of the Arab and Israeli culture or mindset. Why do you think they have not been able to get along for over 2000 years. What is needed is to try something DIFFERENT than trying to beat our values into others.
    Something like understanding where others come from so we can talk with them instead of at them.
    His assumption is that this is a “bad” deal. It is really? Inspection is part of the deal. If it fails the deal is off. That is pretty simple. If it succeeds then the thousands of lives that were lost on the last attempt by us to force our will on another culture will not have to happen again. If it fails then we are no worse off than we are right now.
    That is not something that the American Business want. They have proven since WW2 that war is preferable to peace because it makes more money for stock holders. Of course the fact that it costs the lives of our younger generation (who for the most part are not stockholders) is just a price that those who are making the money are willing to pay.

  4. Phantom Marine commented on Nick Anderson 22 days ago

    You must really like war. Proves you have never really had to fight in one!

  5. Phantom Marine commented on Glenn McCoy 23 days ago

    He has risen indeed!!

  6. Phantom Marine commented on Stuart Carlson 23 days ago

    You realize that none of those ‘facrts’ are real! Who dug them up for you ar did you make them up yourself.

  7. Phantom Marine commented on Mike Luckovich 24 days ago

    Thank you. Very well spoken. I doubt if our ‘Hawks’ care or will even listen. After all most of them would not be the ones put at risk if there were another large scale war.

  8. Phantom Marine commented on Mike Luckovich 24 days ago

    Too bad you are not young enough to have your neck put on the line in the war that the conservatives are so willing to let the young men (and women now) fight for them and the Big business enterprises. Most of the “money holders” in our country have never gone to war and have no idea what it is to face an enemy who will kill them whenever they have the chance.

  9. Phantom Marine commented on Mike Luckovich 24 days ago

    Actually it appears that they have at least read it in context with what the framers intended. Few of our Ultra-Conservatives have even looked at what was intended. They simply pass on what someone has told them it “should have meant”

  10. Phantom Marine commented on Matt Davies about 1 month ago

    You are right! dtroutman is quite wrong with the old internet rumor from the early days of the ACA which has been dis-proven many times. Of course, there are those who stick to the ‘error-filled’ ways no matter what. Facts never seem to change their minds.