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  1. Phantom Marine commented on Rob Rogers 4 days ago

    You really know nothing about Diplomacy, Politics or Human interaction do you.
    OH, YES you would like to get us into another war so we will lose several more of our young men (and women now) Of course you would not be willing to go their yourself and tell the separatists to get out of your way so you could have your little look around. Maybe if we sent the whole 82nd Airborne we could do something and see how we would stack up against Russia’s airborne elite. That probably would fit you desire, wouldn’t it. What’s another 4-5 thousand of our young people dieing.
    I have spent 40 years in the military and been there during five of our attempts to straighten out those rebel nations without trying diplomacy first. It is not pleasant.

  2. Phantom Marine commented on Non Sequitur 23 days ago

    More accurately they, would be able to do whatever they wanted – to heck with the needs of the country. Then the next round would have to clean up the mess.
    What is needed is the two different parties to work together and find a ground somewhere in the middle that takes care of as many needs of the country as possible.

  3. Phantom Marine commented on Rob Rogers 23 days ago

    That sounds more like the radical Conservative comment than anything a Liberal would say. The Liberal would just go out and get them himself. The Conservative doesn’t want anyone to know he needs them and would send someone else to get them.

  4. Phantom Marine commented on Glenn McCoy 23 days ago

    Too bad we don’t listen to them and are so busy try to fit their words into our personal prejudices.

  5. Phantom Marine commented on Pat Oliphant 23 days ago

    Read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – you ‘son of an immigrant’ Maybe we need to all go back where we came from and let the country start again with the ideals of our forefathers.

  6. Phantom Marine commented on Rob Rogers 26 days ago

    I guess you really do know how to go off on completely irrelevant tangents.
    Your comments are still long and very inaccurate.

  7. Phantom Marine commented on Kevin Kallaugher 26 days ago

    There is a way but many societies are afraid of it.
    You educate the women and allow them to have a say.
    Of course that is the very thing that male dominated cultures are afraid of. Males don’t talk. They just beat up or shoot those who disagree with them and let it go at that.
    Some day I would hope that the world might learn the better way.

  8. Phantom Marine commented on Rob Rogers 27 days ago

    I like your approach BUT there are many who are just plain lazy and find it much easier to simply parrot whatever ideas fit their fancy.

    Many times it is done without any work or research at all but to listen to the talk show and media who are out for fame and notoriety and not real truth
    All you need do is READ the diatribe from Harleyquinn (or is it Harlequin – the clown) and his long and inaccurate comments for examples.

  9. Phantom Marine commented on Rob Rogers 27 days ago

    It is not just “Obama”.
    What you say is a childish cop-out.
    It is two political ideologies that REFUSE to work together.
    Boehner is equally at fault in following his party and its radicals rather than being responsible to his nation!

  10. Phantom Marine commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 month ago

    Actually the loopholes are there to increase the profit margin so stockholders (who usually do very little work in their business) can make more money for sitting at home or playing at their country club.