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  1. Phantom Marine commented on Nick Anderson 6 days ago

    You forget. You don’t vote unless you are registered.
    Oh, yes. Maybe you have never registered and are one of those who don’t vote!

  2. Phantom Marine commented on Nick Anderson 19 days ago

    Bush lied about all those weapons of mass destruction that his intelligence system feed him in error. That got us into a war that only made enemies out of a big part of the Muslim world.
    No one lives in a vacuum. Everything that one person does effects many more.
    When a person fails to see the whole picture (by reacting too quickly) they are asking for problems.
    As we look at the basis for ISIS/ISIL it grows from our “Bulling” attitude over a culture most Americans know nothing about!

  3. Phantom Marine commented on Nick Anderson 19 days ago

    It all depends. I guess there are those who don’t mind spending Billions (oops) Trillions on a war that kills over 4500 of our young men (and a few women but that probably isn’t important) and tens of thousands of civilians.
    Along with many of us ‘older’ people inelligible for combat it’s ok to sacrifice the young rather than try to use diplomacy, or, heaven forbid, actually try to work with people.
    After all, when someone disagrees don’t we just beat them into submission until they see things our way?

  4. Phantom Marine commented on Nick Anderson about 1 month ago

    It must have been!!
    The GOP never came up with one to even discuss let alone get shot down!

  5. Phantom Marine commented on Nick Anderson 2 months ago

    I wrote “Re-read in context”
    The context is that of those who wrote it not how today’s politics have screwed it up to mean whatever they wish.

    The actual and original words are:
    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Well regulated does not mean that anyone who wishes can get a gun and shoot whomever they don’t like or agree with.

    You can misquote and change the Constitution any way you want. Many have done it before you and are doing it regularly including a biased bunch of judges who sit at the behest of a politically changing system.

  6. Phantom Marine commented on Nick Anderson 2 months ago

    Maybe you should read the 2nd amendment in context. Are you really a part of national militia? Which National Guard Unit have you joined?

  7. Phantom Marine commented on Glenn McCoy 3 months ago

    Thank you JGabriell. It is always nice to hear someone who knows both a little about economics and reality.
    When the market just passes an all time high it is not unusual for it to take a drop.

  8. Phantom Marine commented on Rob Rogers 3 months ago

    You really know nothing about Diplomacy, Politics or Human interaction do you.
    OH, YES you would like to get us into another war so we will lose several more of our young men (and women now) Of course you would not be willing to go their yourself and tell the separatists to get out of your way so you could have your little look around. Maybe if we sent the whole 82nd Airborne we could do something and see how we would stack up against Russia’s airborne elite. That probably would fit you desire, wouldn’t it. What’s another 4-5 thousand of our young people dieing.
    I have spent 40 years in the military and been there during five of our attempts to straighten out those rebel nations without trying diplomacy first. It is not pleasant.

  9. Phantom Marine commented on Non Sequitur 4 months ago

    More accurately they, would be able to do whatever they wanted – to heck with the needs of the country. Then the next round would have to clean up the mess.
    What is needed is the two different parties to work together and find a ground somewhere in the middle that takes care of as many needs of the country as possible.

  10. Phantom Marine commented on Rob Rogers 4 months ago

    That sounds more like the radical Conservative comment than anything a Liberal would say. The Liberal would just go out and get them himself. The Conservative doesn’t want anyone to know he needs them and would send someone else to get them.