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  1. inshadowz commented on Rose is Rose about 17 hours ago

    A disturbance in the Force, no doubt.

  2. inshadowz commented on Betty 3 days ago

    Around here, though online shops and physical stores, even when in the same chain, have different prices for their products, with web prices typically being lower but with postage and waiting times coming into play, it’s also possible to order the products to be picked up at the store, at web prices with no delivery fee. Most sites state a two hour waiting time from order to pick-up, but I’ve many a time ordered ahead, and immediately gone the five minute drive to the store to pick up. Indeed, I’ve been in the store, checked by smartphone to find that the web price was far cheaper, ordered over web to be picked up at the store, and gone straight for the pick-up counter. Works like a charm, and saves me money.

  3. inshadowz commented on Rose is Rose 7 days ago

    Manual Shift: Anti Car Theft Technology for Americans

  4. inshadowz commented on B.C. 11 days ago

    Trousers of legs, more like.

  5. inshadowz commented on Betty 12 days ago

    My bank must have taken note of that. Most most recent Visa and MasterCard are simply a plain bordering-on-mental-hospital green, save for the “unfalsifiable” holograms and the golden chip.

  6. inshadowz commented on Get Fuzzy 16 days ago

    I believe the strike was not long after I joined GoComics, and that was in 2007, so this is possibly accurate. Then again my memory is rather, er … what were we talking about again?

  7. inshadowz commented on The Grizzwells 19 days ago

    This sounds like a fun thing to do, but then suddenly someone has the great idea to go nekkid skydiving …

  8. inshadowz commented on Rose is Rose 20 days ago


  9. inshadowz commented on Get Fuzzy 20 days ago

    I believe “innardmost” would be the more correct term in this case ;)

  10. inshadowz commented on Pearls Before Swine 21 days ago

    “If you win, it’s God’s doing. If you lose, it’s your own damn fault.”
    Religious logic which applies to sports, wars, and indeed to all things where you can win or lose.