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  1. Marc with a C commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 days ago

    I’d never heard of the “clean and jerk” before reading this strip, and had to go Google it. Once again, reading the funnies is an educational experience (at least for a non-sports fan).

  2. Marc with a C commented on Frazz 6 days ago

    Or just maybe Caulfield’s (and Mallett’s) point was that teachers of that grade always assign the same books, year after year, and Caulfield has figured it out from talking to other kids who had that teacher for that grade in previous years? (It would make more sense in the context of the strip if Caulfield hadn’t been in the same grade taught by the same teacher for over 15 years now.)

  3. Marc with a C commented on Rubes 11 days ago

    You can wait here in the sitting room, or you can sit here in the waiting room.

  4. Marc with a C commented on Peanuts Begins 21 days ago

    Um, you might want to look a bit more closely at Schulz’s signature.

  5. Marc with a C commented on Frazz 22 days ago

    How come people who ride bikes are cyclists, but people who ride ’cycles are bikers? Strange language we speak.

  6. Marc with a C commented on Doonesbury 24 days ago

    “It’s business time.
    Ooh, makin’ love.
    Makin’ love for two…
    Makin’ love for two…minutes.
    When it’s with me, girl, you only need two minutes, because I’m so intense.”

  7. Marc with a C commented on Lay Lines 25 days ago

    It seems as though she was her own worst enemy.

  8. Marc with a C commented on Doonesbury about 1 month ago

    Um, didn’t the earlier generations—say, before 1900—mostly live on small family farms, where the kids stayed home and had chores to do when they weren’t at school?

  9. Marc with a C commented on Lay Lines about 1 month ago

    Was Trevor the winner because he survived a day longer? Or was he the winner in the early-grave competition because he was three years younger when he died? (Their fathers are conspicuously absent from this tale; apparently they were in some sort of love-her-and-leave-her-with-child competition.)

  10. Marc with a C commented on Close to Home about 1 month ago

    adverb or adjective
    : in the act of committing a crime or misdeed
    —Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged

    I guess it derives from the image of a person who has committed a violent crime still having the blood on his hands.