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  1. Norbert Ginsel commented on Over the Hedge about 3 years ago

    She’s an Indian-american actress, out of Cambridge MA, Dartmouth girl. Played the docent/tour guide in Night at the Museum 2. Has her own show on Fox. Never seen it.

  2. Norbert Ginsel commented on Break of Day almost 4 years ago

    I have a painting like that. Hung landscape, it’s a multicolored sunset with soaring birds in silhouette. Hung portrait, it’s a nude standing by a bathtub with one foot on the edge, drying her thigh with a towel. We hang it portrait….

  3. Norbert Ginsel commented on Birdbrains almost 4 years ago

    Interesting design on that trap….. nothing like the real ones.

  4. Norbert Ginsel commented on Garfield almost 4 years ago

    Aged meatloaf is better than fresh, but, no, teal green is NOT on the chart of acceptable colors…..

  5. Norbert Ginsel commented on Prickly City almost 4 years ago

    Second inaugurations are like second weddings…… they exemplify the triumph of hope over experience.

  6. Norbert Ginsel commented on F Minus almost 4 years ago

    RE: Blonde jokes….. If a blonde is “having more fun”, is she aware of it?

  7. Norbert Ginsel commented on Over the Hedge almost 4 years ago

    Totally incorrect. A chunk of ice can exist at 30dF, or at -30dF. The colder block requires more heat to reach melting point of 32dF than the other one. This is “heat capacity”. Only when ice hits 32dF does the additional energy NOT raise the temperature more, because it’s used in “phase change”, which, when complete, allows for increase in temp again. (but not as “ice”, but as “water”). Ice acts as a temperature buffer, a sort of heat sink in reverse. So, ice (as ice) can exist at any temperature between 32df and absolute zero, depending on ambient. Your first sentence is wrong.

  8. Norbert Ginsel commented on F Minus almost 4 years ago

    Ah, but the ultimate altruists live in the mysterious Valley of the Shmoon". Smoos taste like whatever your preference is at the moment, and, upon sensing your hunger, auto-euthanize themselves for your pleasure.

  9. Norbert Ginsel commented on Close to Home almost 4 years ago

    I think that sign above this poor soul should read: