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  1. C. Brown commented on Endtown over 2 years ago

    Well, Wally is on the menu for sure now.

  2. C. Brown commented on Endtown almost 3 years ago

    How long does the transformation take?

  3. C. Brown commented on Endtown almost 3 years ago

    @the other girl said
    Depends if it’s a mission. If it is love, then that may conquer all. Either way, they both get to live outside their suits after seven years of confinement. Of course, the mutation may not cure the illness but actually cause a worst transformation.

  4. C. Brown commented on Endtown almost 3 years ago

    So it appears to be love, so far. Hopefully they’re compatible.

    Still not convinced that is isn’t deep cover.

  5. C. Brown commented on Endtown almost 3 years ago

    I’m always impressed with how well emotions are conveyed through the TS’er masks.

    Why would a TS’er want to mutate? They will be hunted and they know first hand the cost of getting caught by TS’ers.

    Illness has been mentioned as has infiltration. We saw a bit of programming with Kowalsky, but it may have failed because it wasn’t a voluntary mutation in her case and she felt betrayed by the TS’ers when she wanted to speak with her son.

    The killing of two Topsiders and the sacrifice of two willing agents would outweigh the extinction of the mutants. (in a military sense anyway). They were present after the slaughter of mutants. Did they participate or were they interrupted while asking questions?

    It could be the loneliness and lack of intimacy and touch that Flask craved.

    Are they actually TS’ers? There is the race that made the ship. I have a feeling that the true answers are months or even years away.

  6. C. Brown commented on Endtown almost 3 years ago

    Good points made on the Anthro process.

    What happens if a Topsider is immune?

    Do the topsiders test to see if any of them have the immunity?

    Based on their science and testing, I’d expect them to be seeking and implementing the immunity. Especially if they wipe out all of the mutants, the virus still exists. Hence the need for a cure.

    Is it possible the “immunity” is still part of the mutation?

    The mutation covers the entire scope of nature, possibly even water where the Oracle is concerned, why not people shaped anthros with the ability to heal quickly?

    Of course Sparky stated that his immunity still made him an outcast, except he had mutated. And let’s be honest, his own brand of crazy and inability to be vaporized probably helped.

    One more random set of thought. Where are the makers of the ship? Who are they? Are they aliens? Dimensional beings? Mutants? How do they fit in?

  7. C. Brown commented on Endtown almost 3 years ago

    Am I the only one who’s still paranoid about the “friendly” topsiders? Why do they want to know? Why is the healing capabilities such an important factor? Who needs it? Sigh… have to wait until Monday.

  8. C. Brown commented on Banana Triangle over 3 years ago

    Woman uses sex to trap man.
    Man has great sex once.
    Man is trapped, woman drops act.
    Man spends eternity to “earn” lousy sex once a month.
    Stupid man.

  9. C. Brown commented on Working Daze over 3 years ago

    Next she’ll cut her hair.

  10. C. Brown commented on Endtown over 3 years ago

    Not sure the whole planet looks like surface we’ve seen to date. It may only appear that way. Somebody created the flying boat Marx had.

    I’m hope that this new story arc is going to explore more of that new world and less of what we’ve seen in the previous trips topside.

    Maybe there are “pockets” of life that are thriving and even happy. Otherwise this future is a very bleak soap opera that is doomed to collapse upon itself.

    Also, there are still questions to answer that were raised in the first season. I think Aaron has a plan to expand what we think we know and I’m looking forward to it.