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  1. saturnsport8k commented on Candorville 3 months ago

    that hashtag slactivism didnt bring em home? color me shocked

  2. saturnsport8k commented on Candorville 4 months ago

    Based on her previous statements disputing the effectiveness of a common citizen using a firearm for protection, you couldnt pay me in free ammo to believe that gobblety gook about respecting the rights of those who own them. Unless her intentions are to say that she’s ok with others owning firearms, but not carrying them – concealed or openly. Is that what you are saying, Amethyst? I sincerely would like you to help me understand your ideas.

  3. saturnsport8k commented on Candorville 4 months ago

    It is ok to be anti-gun for yourself. If you dont want to own a gun, fine, dont expect me or anyone else to push you to exercise that right. The reason you are being considered unAmerican is because you dont want ME to own one; and who do you think you are to try and deny me the civil right to protect myself? How can you say that you are anti-gun and yet respect the rights of those who have guns? How are you respecting my rights by willingly wanting and actively pursuing for me to lose them? Because what’s good for you has to be what’s good for me? Just because you feel ok with leaving your life in the hands of perfect strangers, corrupt politicians, disgruntled cops, psychos, and criminals doesnt mean I have to. And those same strangers, psychos, and criminals who are dangerous with a gun are still dangerous without one, so removing guns to keep them from being dangerous is a rediculous notion. To actively trample on the rights of your fellow law-abiding countrymen and to wish to dismantle a part of the Bill of Rights, THATS pretty unAmerican.

  4. saturnsport8k commented on Candorville 4 months ago

    @No New Wars
    Very good commentary! I understand your point of view and appreciate your reflection of the culture of guns in America. I agree, that there is a cultural philosophy that coincides freedom with guns. I believe that philosophy is rooted solidly in American history of how arms have been used to liberate and create freedom in America, and the restriction of arms has facilitated the denial of that freedom.

    The only part of your assesment that I find disagreeable is the next-to-last paragraph, stating that some individual freedoms must be sacrificed for safety. I disagree and use Mexico as an example. Individual gun ownership is banned there, and the law-abiding citizens there are dying in record numbers at the hands of the corrupt government/law enforcement and violent criminals (cartels) AKA the people who, because they have no regard for the law, still have their guns. You can not make the law-abiding safe by denying their ability to protect themselves from the law-opposing.

  5. saturnsport8k commented on Candorville 4 months ago

    What’s really going to boil your tomato is when you realize how much the media and “experts” want to dig into the “why’s” behind mass shootings (which make up a very insignificant percentage of violent use of guns), but no media coverage or university studies are being produced regarding the majority of violence (gang/narco related), which is happening in urban settings.

    …Or it wont boil your tomato, and you’ll just keep blaming the guns as the problem, as if these hunks of metal, wood, and plastic emit mystical transmissions that beckon the urban youth with their siren songs to illegally access them for further illegal uses. The same hunks of metal and plastic that do not have the same effect on rural youth, who tend to have much easier access (encouraged, even) to far more of them.

  6. saturnsport8k commented on Candorville 4 months ago

    Well that’s an interesting view of it. The leadership (AKA the NRA Board) is made up of members, voted in by other members – based on their views on gun laws and the support thereof. The voting members are comprised of the lifetime members, and annual members with five or more years of consecutive years of membership. Help me understand why voting members would staff the board with those who hold conflicting values with theirs? If the voting membership wanted more gun laws and/or stricter gun laws, wouldnt they put board members up that wanted the same goals? Or could it be that the majority of members do not want more gun laws and/or stricter gun laws and vote to have a board comprised of members that feel the same and will promote those same values?

  7. saturnsport8k commented on Candorville 4 months ago

    Maybe they shouldnt allow guns in schools, then. And also, there should be laws against allowing kids from buying guns… and from stealing them to use against each other. And while we’re at it, let’s go ahead and make it illegal for kids to murder each other. Legislate morality – it’s for the kids. I wonder how many school assaults there have been since Newtown. How many stabbings and beatings have there been? Must be less than 74 since shootings are the real issue that needs addressing, right? I mean, THAT is the real problem – 74 incidents in over 120,000 institutions is a major problem.

    Serious question for the other readers – how is the NRA (an organization comprised of more than 4 million law-abiding citizens who advocate for legal, responsible gun ownership, promotes gun safety awareness, and helps fights legal battles in regard to retaining a constitutionally protected civil right) to blame for the violent use of firearms?

  8. saturnsport8k commented on Candorville 4 months ago

    Because they had a vision of a society that had never been done before; one of a government unlike those of kings and queens and royalty. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people. They werent perfect, but what they created is known as the greatest country in the world. Villify them all you wish, but not their ideas and the foundation they laid. The fact that Darrin Bell can openly, publicly criticize them in a comic strip online that can be seen internationally, without being tried and hanged for it, is a testament to those ideas and that foundation. It also speaks to the irony of the strip itself.

  9. saturnsport8k commented on Candorville 4 months ago

    Hippgriff: strange, i can remember my grandparents telling us how the NRA was encouraging gun ownership and teaching marksmanship to them in rural south carolina to avoid genocide from the klan and other evil doers (SC being the lynching capital at the time, it didnt need to happen elsewhere).

    And since you brought up the holocaust, If history is recalled correctly, hitler’s persecution of jews started with gun control for the jews to disarm them. Weirdly, the gun control act of 1968 here in the US was based on hitler’s gun control policies – copied almost verbatim. In addition, america’s gun control origins (virgina was the first) were to prevent blacks from having arms for fear that our ancesters would uprise and kill slavers. The GCA was in response to the black rioting during that time. Guess they had to keep us nwords from fighting for our rights when all else fails like they did in the 18th century.

    Your turn. :)

  10. saturnsport8k commented on Candorville 4 months ago

    One a week?! There should be a law! Oh, wait… nevermind. Impossible, I say! All schools are gun-free zones. the government has guaranteed us that guns arent allowed there, so shootings cant possibly be happening at schools. Oh and metro NYC too. And DC. And military bases…. Plus, there are laws saying that kids cant buy or possess guns until 18/21, so these gang shootings committed by 13 year-olds cant possibly be happening either. Unless…. They must be buying them at gun shows. You know, the monthly gun shows in downtown Chicago. I’ll bet their NRA memberships get them in, and with a discount, too.

    Maybe another law on top of the 20,000+ gun laws already in effect will help. Maybe another five laws. Or ten. Or a hundred. We’ll get the number right one of these days.

    Remember when we passed all those drug laws and now there are no more illegal drugs on the streets? And when we passed all those terrorism laws, and now there is no more terrorism? it will be just like that! I cant wait! Not one more! Not one more!

    It’s ironic how the “gun nuts” who have a safe full of firearms that people dont want them having so many of, are not the people shooting up America, victimizing others…