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  1. Mordock999 GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann about 14 hours ago

    And THAT, Little Ms Bernice, Is Just for STARTERS!!!

  2. Mordock999 GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 1 day ago

    Yeah I Know, Right Guys?

    Women: CAN’T Live With ‘Em, CAN’T Figure ’Em.

    Well Look on the BRIGHT Side, Gunth. In about 10 years from Now, after Luann’s “Marriage” to Pretty Boy Here, FAILS, and Piro has LEFT Bernice to RESUME Cohabitating at the Girl’s Dorms, and After the Two Ladies Look into the mirror one day, and have Come to the the UNMISTAKABLE Conclusion that Gravity Is WINNING, Then ON that Bright, Glorious Day, YOU Sir, are Suddenly Gonna LOOK Mighty GOOD to Them. (Provided “They” Don’t Go FULL “Cougar” First)

    Oh, Serving Wench? COFFEE for Me and the two Lads Here! I’m Feeling Particularly JUBILANT Today! (And NO Sugar for the ‘Foreigner’)

  3. Mordock999 GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 2 days ago

    “Exactly where would anyone go to hunt Piro down”?

    Start with Staking Out the Gals Dorm. Any Gal’s Dorm would do since so far, he seems to have a penchant for crashing with the Ladies. I’d specifically start with either Bernice or Tiffany’s Dorm Rooms.

    But why bother staking out? Chances ARE old Gunth will bump into old Star-Head the Next time He goes to Tiffany’s place to (a-Hem) “help Her with Her Homework.”

  4. Mordock999 GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 2 days ago

    “Is She REALLY Going Out With HIM?!!?” by Joe Jackson and applicable to just about ANY “Romance” currently going on in THIS Strip…,

  5. Mordock999 GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 2 days ago

    Well Gunther, THIS Was a Colossal WASTE if TIME.

    Bern Calls YOU to Talk about Old Star Head, While Calling You an “Oddball” then Proceeds to Get into YOUR Personal Business, and Has The GAUL to Give YOU “Romantic Advice” on How to “Claim” Tiffany, the Gal You’re Only Helping With Her STUDIES Out of the shear never ending Goodness of Your Heart, “Caveman Style!” (DEEP BREATH)

    OH. And According to Some Readers HERE, and in Other “Luann Forums,” YOU are Not even Supposed to get MAD about ANY of This because Somehow THIS is All YOUR Fault!

    ENOUGH! Gunther? HUNT Down Piro. Talk to Him. Ask Him what Classes He Takes, Who His Teachers are and Where His Dorm Room is. Oh, and ASK Hims what His REAL Name is too. And DON’T Let Him Give You any of that “Piro IS My Real Name,” CRAP Either. And if He EVADES ANY of Those Questions, Alert the Campus Police About a Possible Trespasser.

    Then Go to Bernice, Tell Her Piro is in SERIOUS Trouble and Has been asking for HER and SHE Should Go to Him Right Away. Then Sit back and ENJOY the Ensuing Romantic “TRAIN WRECK!”

    Again, You DON’T Have to THANK Me…..,

  6. Mordock999 GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 3 days ago

    “The only “sane” character left seems to be Ox, in fact."

    Yeah? Well, all THAT will CHANGE the minute Poor Oxford has the Misfortune to get a Girlfriend in THIS Strip…,

  7. Mordock999 GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 3 days ago

    But Piro has Already come between Gunth and Tiffany. Heck, Old Star-Head has come between Gunther and Two Thirds of the “Liberated Babes” on THIS Goofy Campus, INCLUDING YOU Bernice, Which Makes Your Continued Interest in HIM Even MORE Inexplicable.

    Gunther, If You VALUE Whats Left of Your Sanity, I’d make that COFFEE to GO and get the FLOCK Away From the THIS Gal Post-Haste, for the ZIKA Virus has Undoubtedly Taken hold of HER, and Evidently ALL of the Female Characters of THIS Strip, and has Turned THEM Into Soulless, Mindless, Lust-filled, Shambling, LOONS!

  8. Mordock999 GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 5 days ago

    Well I MUST Say Bernie’s doing a BANG UP Job as Campus
    R.A. (Roll Eyes)

    Observing various and sundry Curfew Violations but doing absolutely NOTHING about them.

    Gunther, I would Excuse Myself from THIS Young Lady’s Presence BEFORE She decides to use THAT Violation as Leverage over You and Tiffany to garner info on Star-Head.

    Oh, and as You’re leaving, suggest to Bern that if She wants to know about that Creepy Piro, why doesn’t ask Her Ditzy Room mate, Dez?

  9. Mordock999 GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 5 days ago

    Nice Guys FINISH Dead LAST, G-Man. No Matter How Many Times You Bail “Them” out of Life’s Tight Spots (Luann), No Matter How Many Times You HELP “Them” with “Their” School Work (Luann, Tiffany), No Matter How Many Times YOU Put YOUR Life on Hold to Travel to some Foreign to Pick of Sticks because its what “They” wanted to do (Rosa), No Matter How Many Times You sit Patiently Listening to “Their” B/S Problems with some OTHER Guy (Luann, Bernice), YOU are NEVER gonna be GOOD Enough for “THEM” because YOU Don’t have enough “Edgy Good Looks” or a Willingness to MOLDED into “Their” Vision of what “They” Think YOU Should Be or Something.

    So Give Bernie Your Tried and True, Patented GOOD Advice, Knowing Full Well She’s NOT gonna HEED it, and when Her “Romance” Predictably FAILS, She’s Going to take Her ANGER Out on YOU.

    Gunther, there comes a time in Our lives that many of Us get MAD at Our “Creator(s)” for the Constant UNFAIRNESS Thrown in Our Direction.

    I THINK You are THERE, Brother……,

  10. Mordock999 GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 6 days ago

    “How do we know he;s not a homeless dude?”

    You’re RIGHT, JP. I SHOULD have said Forcibly REMOVED from Campus, as one would any annoying trespasser.