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  1. MangeyMoose commented on Michael Ramirez about 23 hours ago

    Funny timing for this ’toon. Last week, the company that invented and manufactured the Sedgeway was purchased by the Chinese company that makes knock-offs!

  2. MangeyMoose commented on Clay Jones about 23 hours ago

    True, Bob. But Citizens United removed ALL controls! Now, the sky’s no limit!

  3. MangeyMoose commented on Nick Anderson 2 days ago

    Someone might also want to land on the steps of the Supreme Court building!

  4. MangeyMoose commented on Rob Rogers 3 days ago

    Beav; That thought about shipping freed slaves to Africa never took form. In December 1864, General Sherman and Sec. of War Stanton met with a group of Black leaders. They asked if their people wanted “to go back to Africa.” “BACK TO AFRICA? WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT AFRICA? We were born HERE! All we want is equal protection under the law!” All thoughts about repatriation were shelved.
    Never happened.

    By the way, ChevJames is full of it.

  5. MangeyMoose commented on Gary Markstein 3 days ago

    Go home!

  6. MangeyMoose commented on Mike Luckovich 3 days ago

    Co’mon Harley! You’re baiting us too much here!
    I’ll only say that Obama INHERITED this stale economy.
    By the way; I don’t know if you read a reply I made to you a while ago, but I am now EMPLOYED! Even though mommy guvmint helped me for several months, I drained my savings for two years. But now, I am paying TAXES again! And, I dread the upcoming elections!
    (By the way; only ONE “m” in grumble)

  7. MangeyMoose commented on Kevin Kallaugher 3 days ago

    Many Americans love their firearms, much as others are passionate about coins, stamps, trains, paints; whatever. I have met quite a few. It is my impression that most of these people purchase and collect guns because they are fascinated with their construction, operation and history. They love to fire them at gun ranges & targets. I suspect that most, when they embark upon this hobby, have no thought of harming another person. Most probably never do. BUT, circumstances change in life, and not always for the better. What happens when a gun-owner suffers many reverses; divorce, debts, job-loss, repossession, love-triangle? We all have a breaking point. When one descends, or is pushed down to that point (and beyond) what happens? Firearm, knife, automobile, fists; whatever is available when one pushed too far (or THINKS he is) may be selected to solve all one’s problems.
    Reasonable regulations concerning firearms purchase & ownership is necessary. But the larger problem is Life. Education. Morals. Conscience. Family And FRIENDSHIP. We humans can hide our fears, and store up a great capacity of stress, hatred and become paranoid. One should not venture that far without talking with friends, family members, or professional counsellors. I know, easier said than done. But this is where is mis-use of guns, knives and other weapons can be arrested. And as of late, the area which many Americans need help.
    ps: I am not a gun-collector. I own a Marlin .22, which I am told won’t stop a charging chipmonk.

  8. MangeyMoose commented on John Deering 3 days ago

    In today’s America, ideas are considered dangerous to the desires of the 2%. Verboten!

  9. MangeyMoose commented on Nick Anderson 3 days ago

    He ain’t the only one. International arms dealing has been going on since the late 1800’s. Alfred Krupp sold cannon, by himself AND through independent, free-lance dealers, to anyone who had the cash. These practices sometimes yielded ironic consequences. During the Boxer rebellion in China (1900) a German gunboat was shelled by Chinese gunners using the latest Krupp guns. In 1940, as German warships sailed up the fjord to Oslo, Norwegian defense gunners were not intimidated, and blew the cruiser BLEUCHER" out of the water using Krupp guns! The French, British, the U.S., even the Canadiens have citizens who travel the world selling arms for profit ONLY.

  10. MangeyMoose commented on Chris Britt 5 days ago

    We seem to pride ourselves being #1 in everything! (Wether we are or not.)