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  1. MangeyMoose commented on Scott Stantis about 14 hours ago

    “Take a look at pictures of the city of Dresden….”

    This instance has been debated since it happened over and over. Firstly, It was a joint British/American series of raids, spread out over a few days. Dresden WAS a target with some military significance. The town itself housed thousands of workers who produced aircraft and other weapons outside the town’s center. It was also a major rail junction. The Americans hit the rail yards during the day, while the RAF came later that night. Throughout the three days of attacks, clouds obscured many parts of the city and beyond. Some bomber groups became so lost that they bombed other cities! The plan to bomb Dresden was taken by the British. Churchill knew there would be great loss of life, but considering the fact that Minister Speer and his department were getting bombed factories back into operation quicky, thought that going after the workers themselves justified the attacks.
    Dresden was a old town of great cultural heritage. So were Guerenica, Rotterdam, Coventry, London and Warsaw. Just because the British came back and showed the Germans how to do the job properly; It’s difficult to side with their complaints. And of course, Goebbels and the Nazi leadership had no fault in continuing a war which most of them knew was lost?
    And, the Japanese were very close to producing a “dirty” atomic bomb, which, once they received the extra shipment of uranium from the Germans in 1945, they planned to drop one each on Bremerton WA, San Francisco, and the Panama Canal.
    War is Hell, and cruel. I abhor the loss of innocent civilians, but for these two actions, the U.S. owes no apologies.

  2. MangeyMoose commented on Scott Stantis about 15 hours ago

    “The Muslims would eventually do the same.”
    I seriously doubt it.

  3. MangeyMoose commented on Ken Catalino about 15 hours ago

    Yes, as you have posted before, Jews Christians etc have commited atrocities before. But that does not absolve Islam’s “right” to inaugurate another holocaust. Despite all the technological advances made since the start of the industrial revolution, man himself has not progressed more than a few inches from his violent, primeval beginnings. Whether it be for religion, oil or ethnic hatred, we are still motivated from baser instincts, rather than from the “intellect” we supposedly possess.

  4. MangeyMoose commented on Ken Catalino 1 day ago

    Compared to your above-mentioned despots ISIS is small, but hoping to grow quickly. They seem to be having good response to their world-wide plea to other Islamists to come and join in their holy cause.

    In the early 1960’s movie “Fail-Safe”, The late actor Walter Matthau, playing an advisor to the Pentagon, is argueing with another at a party about the feasibility of “winning” a nuclear exchange with the Russians. At one point, he argues “How far do you think the Nazis would have gone if every Jew they came after had a knife in his hand!”

    If you do not resist, do not try to stop them, they will grow.

  5. MangeyMoose commented on Scott Stantis 1 day ago

    Most of you probably know this; but for others; Scott has drawn an updated version of a editorial ’toon from 1917, which showed the German snake, like above, trying to swallow up the world. “Barbarism” was then “German Militarism”

    Very apt, Scott!

  6. MangeyMoose commented on Scott Stantis 1 day ago

    You’re right. Even during the eighteen-hundreds, when mostly European nations (and the U.S.) were jostling and grabbing up colonies, there were, even then, faint voices from lesser diplomats and editorialists, that colonialism would come back to haunt them.
    And we, THEIR grandchildren, are reaping that harvest!

  7. MangeyMoose commented on Nick Anderson 1 day ago

    The articles of the Geneva Convention were a step in a better direction: an attempt to mitigate some of the unnecessary horrors of warfare upon civilians and POW’s. Some nations, and individual combatants DID abide by those principles, but the spirit of humanity is waning in this century. More and more, it’s back to the old eye-for-an-eye.

  8. MangeyMoose commented on Steve Benson 1 day ago

    Sixty two years and running; I still get surprises I did not anticipate, and am bewildered by new revelations, or accusations. Sometimes I am just too tired to try to decide whom to believe anymore.
    I have listened to Cos since Noah, and the two sabre-tooth tigers. I just wish all this was not true.

  9. MangeyMoose commented on Steve Breen 1 day ago

    Oh, really!

  10. MangeyMoose commented on Ken Catalino 1 day ago

    The world has faced fanatical foes before. The Japanese, as the American forces came closer to the homeland, recruited the Kamikaze pilots, who were willing to die for their Emperor and the homeland, and took a huge toll of U.S. casualties. But thanks to the Emperor’s realization that the war was lost, he did not want to see his people annihilated, and broke the Council’s deadlock for surrender, and peace.
    These Islamic extremists believe they are doing Allah’s will, and will be greatly rewarded for annihilating the non-believers, in any brutal manner they see fit, and are willing to bring the entire world down with themselves, innocents be damned! This will be the world’s greatest challenge yet.