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  1. MangeyMoose commented on Jerry Holbert about 2 hours ago

    With all the cameras hidden everywhere, and Washington’s own spy networks, and corporations assembling their own dossiers on what all of us have bought, even peaceful revolution will be rather difficult.

  2. MangeyMoose commented on Jerry Holbert about 2 hours ago

    “Creat jobs with all those tax breaks….”
    Whenever Reagan, Clinton and BushII gave tax breaks which mostly benefited the very wealthy, the rationale was always that the rich would invest that money and create jobs. HORSEHOCKEY! During the 1980’s, it was a decade of “Leaveraged buyouts” and “hostile takeovers” as they bought up competition, merged companies and laid off Hundreds of THOUSANDS. After the top wealthy composed NAFTA, and told BushI, then Clinton, that it was a done deal and PUSH IT THROUGH, or else, they then used that money to invest in jobs allright; jobs overseas! Millions laid off during the 1990’s and on. Today, in this country, we won’t invest in our aged infrastructure or education. Our pols use the money for other “things”!

  3. MangeyMoose commented on Jerry Holbert about 12 hours ago

    It is really a downright shame that American society has sunk to this: Every man for himself. Do not bother with those who cannot keep up. Greed is good. The wealthier one is, is a badge of honor, commemorating one who worked so hard to get where he is. The less fortunate, who were dealt different cards in life, are merely whiners and takers. If it were not for our tanks, drones, carriers and F15’s, we would be certainly ripe to be knocked off the top rather quickly.

  4. MangeyMoose commented on Henry Payne about 17 hours ago

    Henry, you draw an arab, who is probably funding terrorism against Americans, and you use your (cruddy) ’toon to take a swipe at Michelle Obama? (and a cheap swipe, at that!)

  5. MangeyMoose commented on Jerry Holbert about 17 hours ago

    Somebody has to pay for a couple of Cheney/Bush wars which were fought on the credit card.

  6. MangeyMoose commented on Ted Rall about 22 hours ago

    Ted: inre your second sentence, I paste below a few passages from a book by eminent historian/correspondent William L. Shirer, titled “The Collapse of the Third Republic”, about France in the 1930’s, with war not far off.
    “At the beginning of 1924, the Treasury could not meet its short-term obligations and Parliament finally approved Poincare’s demand for a rise of 20% in all taxes, direct and indirect. This fell hardest on the poor, since indirect taxes on consumption accounted for nearly half the state revenues, and the income tax – full of glaring loopholes and scandalously evaded by all who could get by with it, the rich above all – for less than a quarter. The selfishness of the money class in avoiding any financial sacrifice to help put the country back on its feet later struck many French historians as shocking! The possessors and the manipulators of most of the country’s wealth simply contrived to escape shouldering a fair share of the burden of paying for the war and the reconstruction.”

    “The power of a small elite which possessed most of the wealth was greater than the power of the republican government …… This group was determined to preserve its privileged position and thus its money.
    “And more and more, as the last years of the Third Republic ticked off, the wealthy found it difficult to put the interest of the nation above that of their class. Faced with specific obligations to the country if the state were not to flounder in a financial morass, they shrank from meeting them. The Republic might go under, but their valuables would be preserved. In the meantime they would not help keep it afloat by paying a fair share of the taxes. The tax burden was for others to shoulder.”
    Of course, no such attitude exists in the United States!

  7. MangeyMoose commented on Dan Wasserman 1 day ago

    Oh, don’t worry about them, Rad. They’re INSURED now, thanks to Republican foresight!

  8. MangeyMoose commented on Robert Ariail 1 day ago

    At bottom, it is simple and plain GREED which affects the world’s economies. The ultra wealthy have been perverting the laws and repealing regulations for decades now, and are engaged in a great race to get as much as they can, regardless of the effects on their own nation’s and society’s health Too much is never enough. The rest of Earth be damned.

  9. MangeyMoose commented on Mike Luckovich 1 day ago

    At Gettysburg, in November 1863, orator Edward Everett spoke for two hours with only one page of notes. No teleprompter.

  10. MangeyMoose commented on Jim Morin 1 day ago

    I agree. What President Bush did was appalling!