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  1. Joseph Couture GoComics Pro Member commented on Doonesbury about 7 hours ago

    I remember her. Years later, when Mike was married to what’s-her-name, they were all at a Walden reunion. Nichole was hotly dressed, and tried to seduce Mike. Mike didn’t bite, though.

  2. Joseph Couture GoComics Pro Member commented on Jack Ohman about 9 hours ago

    What I write here is most pertinent to this ’toon:

    To all my fellow pundits of GOCOMICS:

    I am currently re-reading a book I bought years ago, and last week, read a chapter that really opened my eyes! I mention this because I think many of you would also find it just as interesting and relevant as I have.
    The book is titled “DREADNOUGHT”, by Robert Massie. It deals with events in Europe from about 1870 up to August, 1914, covers all the political, social, economic and national developments and crises leading up to the start of the First World War. It focuses upon the growing estrangement between once-friendly Germany and Great Britain, the political & economic repercussions of the naval arms race.
    Chapter 35 (It is a thick, long book!) is titled “The Budget and the House of Lords”. As I was reading through it, I kept recognizing many similarities between the arguments in Parliament, between cabinet ministers, between the Conservatives and the Liberals, between the upper and working classes and our current debates in Congress, between President and Congress, between Republicans and Democrats, between the super-wealthy and the working class. I could probably cross out all the English names, and substitute the names of many of our own current congressmen and party leaders, and it would still be perfectly readable & understandable! Many of their arguments about taxation, the privileges of the upper-classes, fairness, political antics to push bills through, the influence of personality clashes, name-calling, slander, entitlements and preserving the status-quo: It’s all there, so very much like today!

    This book is still in print, and any library worth its salt should have it! There are many used book stores around, where one can get a copy cheap. The chapter is only 22 pages; you could read it at your library in less than an hour. What you learn could liven up discussions on this sight!
    I especially hope RespectfulTroll, Zuhlamon, and TheTrustedMechanic see this, (and some others). I have always read your posts & responses, find them reasoned, well-written, and without rancor. I hope many of you find this helpful.

    I’ll be back with my standard griping tomorrow.


  3. Joseph Couture GoComics Pro Member commented on Jerry Holbert 1 day ago

    I don’t dis-agree with your post, except in regard to Iran. Why does such an oil-rich nation strive RAPIDLY to build up its nuclear abilities? This nation is being run by hardened Islamic Mullahs who have openly sworn to wipe Israel of the face of the planet. If they eventually try to do that, other powers are sure to get immediately involved.
    Delivery systems? They can be delivered in a suitcase. We should be afraid.
    Be VERY afraid!

  4. Joseph Couture GoComics Pro Member commented on Joel Pett 1 day ago

    Last night, after reading your comment, I did look up Robert Bateman. I confess I didn’t know of him. But after viewing many of his wildlife images, I came away most impressed with his work. And, I found a moose image almost like mine!

  5. Joseph Couture GoComics Pro Member commented on Dana Summers 1 day ago

    The steer don’t work for minimum wage. The undoc’s do.

  6. Joseph Couture GoComics Pro Member commented on (th)ink 1 day ago

    No wonder higher education is so expensive today.

  7. Joseph Couture GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom Toles 1 day ago

    You’ve all seen his picture by now. All across the globe, non-whites are laughing hysterically that he is an example of “White Supremacy”!

  8. Joseph Couture GoComics Pro Member commented on Jerry Holbert 1 day ago

    ACH! Hectoruno! On one episode, Gomez was asked if he was related to our presidents John and John Quincy Adams. No, he replied." Our name is spelled ADDAMS. The" D" makes the difference!"

  9. Joseph Couture GoComics Pro Member commented on Jim Morin 1 day ago

    Yes, but if Pres. Johnson didn’t start raiding the Social Security funds to pay for HIS Great Society, as did subsequent presidents, us aging baby-boomers would get back WHAT WE PAID INTO, and the budget wouldn’t take a beating from it.

  10. Joseph Couture GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 1 day ago

    Why are so many of you predicting doom & gloom? I think you watch too much television & movies!

    Don’t you still have fond memories of your own prom?