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  1. Mike G commented on Bottomliners about 23 hours ago

    Now he needs to become a telecommuter!

  2. Mike G commented on Frazz about 23 hours ago

    I came to Arizona thinking the “lawn of nothing but rocks” was going to be my ticket to work-free paradise…but thanks to the @#$!! weeds it hasn’t worked out quite THAT well. Still, it is much, MUCH better than keeping up a lawn.

  3. Mike G commented on Pickles 2 days ago

    I wear as little as I can get away with. Haven’t worn an undershirt from the day I was finally old and big enough to overpower my mom on the issue in my late pre-teens! I’ve had issues with shirts getting untucked but my buttons have always stayed fastened. Now I prefer Hawaiian shirts which are designed and intended to be worn untucked. All issues solved!

  4. Mike G commented on Motley Classics 3 days ago

    Time to face the music, young man….

  5. Mike G commented on Pickles 3 days ago

    If women want to make up silly rules like that for themselves, they are perfectly free to live by them. But as for this male….I wear whatever the heck I darn well please, whatever way I darn well please.

  6. Mike G commented on The Buckets 5 days ago

    My grandmother was just the opposite. She was convinced if I were ever outdoors with wet hair I would instantly contract terminal pneumonia. But the gig was up when I studied Biology!

  7. Mike G commented on Arlo and Janis 8 days ago

    As a medical records professional, I’m impressed! Jimmy Johnson did his homework and spelled HIPAA correctly!

  8. Mike G commented on The Born Loser 9 days ago

    It can be more interesting to watch paint dry. And the advantage is there is no clock-stopping or time-outs in the drying of paint.

  9. Mike G commented on The Born Loser 9 days ago

    Football and golf can be a lot worse!

  10. Mike G commented on Drabble 12 days ago

    Talk about lipstick on a pig!