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  1. ColinJames commented on Lisa Benson 16 days ago

    From our side of the planet the paranoia people have in the USA towards Ebola seems so disproportionate to the risk and yet there is an acceptance of 30 000+ deaths per annum by hand guns?!?
    Here in Australia owning a handgun is major deal and of course no semi-automatic guns. As for Ebola… well there is fear and then there are facts. Cartoonists have to come up with something though… and Ebola touches the primitive fear nerve.

  2. ColinJames commented on Henry Payne 24 days ago

    Let’s see… how about a program to support people in living healthy, happier, longer lives of quality vs. obesity, diabetes and sloth? Nah. That’s an awful intrusion into peoples lives. Americans continue to astound the rest of us who live in ‘not USA’ (there are a few of us).

  3. ColinJames commented on Matt Bors about 1 month ago

    The commandment is “Thou shalt not kill”. No conditions, no exceptions. Discuss.

  4. ColinJames commented on Michael Ramirez about 1 month ago

    Mike you forgot to do your stick-figure-big-ears ’it’s all Obama’s fault’ thing? Feeling okay?

  5. ColinJames commented on Bob Gorrell about 1 month ago

    Same, same. Generational, centuries old conflict mired in a hyper-complex geo-political environment rendered more fractured by various strands of fundamentalism in a region that just happens to be the well from which global energy supply depends… and you want one man to some solve it. Quickly. How facile. Superficial, lazy thinking represented by a superficial lazy cartoonist.

  6. ColinJames commented on Michael Ramirez 3 months ago


  7. ColinJames commented on Jeff Danziger 3 months ago

    Clever drawing Jeff. Really elegant.

  8. ColinJames commented on Clay Bennett 3 months ago

    Bennett is simply one of the most brilliant cartoonists on the planet. Period. Wow.

  9. ColinJames commented on Michael Ramirez 4 months ago

    every opportunity to denigrate, insult, disparage and destroy is taken by the right. Seriously there is an argument to be made that people with a right wing/conservative orientation have some neurological dysfunction. Hypocrisy and facts do not register in their consciousness… just this reflexive, fear fuelled hate.

  10. ColinJames commented on Ted Rall 5 months ago

    Brilliant indeed Mr. Rall. Intelligent cartoonist without the keyhole of bias. One of the best here.