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  1. ColinJames commented on Michael Ramirez 7 days ago

    every opportunity to denigrate, insult, disparage and destroy is taken by the right. Seriously there is an argument to be made that people with a right wing/conservative orientation have some neurological dysfunction. Hypocrisy and facts do not register in their consciousness… just this reflexive, fear fuelled hate.

  2. ColinJames commented on Ted Rall 25 days ago

    Brilliant indeed Mr. Rall. Intelligent cartoonist without the keyhole of bias. One of the best here.

  3. ColinJames commented on Clay Bennett 5 months ago

    The land of fear, mistrust and hatred… given the quality of comments here. The gun fetish that’s part of your culture is kind of strange from those who watch the US fishbowl with amazement.

  4. ColinJames commented on ViewsMidEast 7 months ago

    This is an example of a truly great, timeless, historically significant cartoon. An artefact. Brilliant.

  5. ColinJames commented on Michael Ramirez 7 months ago

    Anything that fits your narrative hey Jack? Nelson Mandela (not Manadela) never wanted a Stalinist state. The aspects of communism that appealed to this great man dealt with equality, the reduction of exploitation and the segregation by class.
    Do you see your arrogance in ‘forgiving’ Mandela? Forgive him for what? Not complying to your fundamentalist, right wing ignorance?

  6. ColinJames commented on Steve Benson 7 months ago

    Children died. Guns were used. NRA fights any restriction on purchasing deadly weapons. Steve Benson simply reminds us of the reality that cannot be denied.

  7. ColinJames commented on Jerry Holbert 7 months ago

    I love the smell of arrogance in the morning. The arrogance of overly simplistic cartoonists at least.

  8. ColinJames commented on Mike Lester 7 months ago

    Exactly. Jesus didn’t just give fish and bread to the hungry. He didn’t turn over the tables of the money lenders. He didn’t heal the sick who had no insurance. Not Jesus.

  9. ColinJames commented on Clay Bennett almost 4 years ago

    Christian symbol Frog… turned in the intolerant shark. The usual religious hypocrisy. Beck does this with his constant god reference whilst ignoring the christian maxim ‘that you do to the least of my brothers you do unto me’.

  10. ColinJames commented on Michael Ramirez over 4 years ago

    As I read the comments on this and other cartoons my question, from an Australians perspective, is extremity of view. It seems the ability for reasoned debate is not part of your culture. Invective, diatribe, attack and hyperbole seem to be the style of discussion. It reflects poorly on your culture and is bewildering to an outsider.