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  1. Michael Alexander commented on Overboard 11 months ago

    Pity that dogs are colorblind…

  2. Michael Alexander commented on Sunny Street over 2 years ago

    I find this one MOST inappropriate.

  3. Michael Alexander commented on Calvin and Hobbes almost 3 years ago

    Events of 1654:

    glad to know I am not the only one perverse enough to wonder…

  4. Michael Alexander commented on Candorville about 3 years ago

    At the time of Obama’s birth, in order to be a natural born citizen, IF HE HAD BEEN BORN OUT OF THE US (and I have NO doubt he was bon in Hawaii, so this is moot), the mother would have to be a US citizen who had lived in the US (i.e. been physically present) for at least 10 years after the age of 16. (Source: Snoopes). Obama’s mother was only 18 when he was born, so she was not capable of meeting that criteria.

    Again, I beleive Obama was born in Hawaii, so this is not relevant in his case, but that is a crucial detail in his being eligable for the Presidency…

  5. Michael Alexander commented on Rudy Park over 3 years ago

    Nicely done. RIP Mr. Bell, but a good point on the best monuments to people are not to stop but to build on what they’ve done!

  6. Michael Alexander commented on Working Daze over 3 years ago

    While I am in favor of, and willing to support, the idea of gay characters, I can also see some comic potential in CJ not actually being gay, just having said that to get out of Rita’s setting her up, and then having to live with the consequences of her lie…

  7. Michael Alexander commented on Brewster Rockit over 3 years ago

    Good call, Brewster, Moese needs it more. 40 years? Common it is only a few miles….

  8. Michael Alexander commented on Working Daze almost 4 years ago

    1/3/13… Folks will also get excited about 11/12/13…

  9. Michael Alexander commented on Working Daze over 4 years ago

    Try restricting your diet to only Green M&M’s, you’ll see the weight slide right off!

  10. Michael Alexander commented on Working Daze over 4 years ago

    First the beard goes, now a ring? Roy seems due for a mental breakdown … er… upgrade