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  1. kattbailey commented on Stone Soup about 7 hours ago


  2. kattbailey commented on Baldo 1 day ago

    It is the best way to deflate him, you must admit. If you have permission to call someone something it isn’t going to be an insult

  3. kattbailey commented on Pickles 1 day ago

    I also picked my nickname. 1998 was on an online listserv and we started creating characters that would have adventures. Mine was a talking Great Cat and came up with the name Katt. Some time later when I was ill and had lost my e-mail account my father set one up for me (I was very sick) with the name. Which is how it ended up my user name in a game and why half my friends alternate between my real name and the one they knew me by for 2 years

  4. kattbailey commented on Stone Soup 8 days ago

    I believe most places, out of respect, allow the child’s parents name to stay theirs. We believed a boy in our church was from a first marriage. Turns out his mom’s sister died giving birth and the biological father was a mess. He became the son of her sibling and their spouse (can’t remember which parent had the genetic tie). He has the last name his mother had as a way of acknowledging her role in his life (I don’t remember how much the father was able to do by that point but he was with hs forever parents)

  5. kattbailey commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 9 days ago

    The Native Americans remember Christianity’s first missionaries (those of their descendants who exist thanks to the “read the Bible from the hill in another language and if they don’t accept it as the Truth murder those who defend those that will become slaves and meanwhile they seem to be dying so it’s proof God is on our side!” (the first slaves in the New World were captured natives)

  6. kattbailey commented on Candy Pills 13 days ago

    And what’s a Scorpio? All wet?

  7. kattbailey commented on Candace 'n' Company 13 days ago

    That driver is reporting the one in front of their vehicle, of course

  8. kattbailey commented on Raising Duncan 13 days ago

    I’ve regularly asked how my Sheltie fits so much energy into that tiny skull

  9. kattbailey commented on Baldo 16 days ago

    I think Panel 1 was a radio, which was turned off when the person parked but not before the vibrations set off the “blam” of a car alarm in panel 2. And Baldo, showing sense, complimented the alarm, not the speakers. When they stopped vibrating from the noise, of course

  10. kattbailey commented on Haiku Ewe 16 days ago

    yesterday was the calm before the storm, and the reason little ones actually survive days like today