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  1. kattbailey commented on Nest Heads about 2 hours ago

    Or French or Spanish. Good for all of you- mental workout for the adults, reason to learn a second language for the kids

  2. kattbailey commented on Ben about 2 hours ago

    When a neighbor down the alley was setting up for their second day I didn’t know when they were starting (no signs between the houses of course) so I walked down. They recognized me from the day before when I had introduced myself as a neighbor. Exchanged greetings, me at a polite distance (I’m disabled and people who don’t know my abilities can get nervous, so couldn’t offer to move items I couldn’t pocket or unfold tables or something else neighborly but unsuspicious wasn’t an option) until they got around to “if you’re back for anything in particular let us know and if we don’t remember selling it we’ll work our way to where it would most likely be.” As it happened it was in sight and I had decided the price was fair. Especially considering one of them insisted on carrying it for me (I did assure them it would be fine in my messenger bag, but they wanted to help and when you have kids biking in the back alley it probably is nice to have met one of the people who actually spends time in their backyard)

  3. kattbailey commented on Grand Avenue about 3 hours ago

    we could leave the table and go to the playground at some of my elementary schools but we couldn’t take food. In high school the Talented and Gifted teacher let us come in with bagged lunches and eat in there. As a senior I could go home some days since I had a free period after lunch.

  4. kattbailey commented on Haiku Ewe about 3 hours ago

    he thought Ewe were Mom
    had given birth while missing
    ensured healthy child

    (not that she hasn’t been Mommy from the moment they found the birth mother)

  5. kattbailey commented on Baldo about 3 hours ago

    If he was willing to alter his faith it’s likely that it was that of his parents, followed by default until he found a better religious fit. And even in a faith of your choice your attitude towards anything outside the core tenets of the religion don’t have to have anything to do with the beliefs of the person sitting next to you- whether stranger, friend, significant other, parent, child, coworker, business rival… come to think of it in terms of money the last might be closest in terms of money

  6. kattbailey commented on On A Claire Day about 4 hours ago

    Clair has just moved out of her parent’s place so doesn’t have much experience, which is the point of the strip, (though I am wondering why her rental apartment doesn’t have a super, at least she’s showing independence and didn’t sit on her hands until her dad could do it for her). Clerks do tend to disappear between you locating the correct aisle and you finding nothing that looks remotely like the piece you need to replace. Clair sees a confident woman and assumes she can help. Her friend doesn’t see past the external much. Being young isn’t insulting as long as she’s clueless in some “female” life skills too- which she has been.

  7. kattbailey commented on Dog Eat Doug about 4 hours ago


  8. kattbailey commented on Stone Soup about 4 hours ago

    Wasn’t Phil already sounding like that as he woke up in the hospital? Also, you have to be awake for about 5 minutes after something to remember it, when not drugged. I apparently did fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow once because one moment I was moving towards my room, the next I was in bed and several hours had passed (not that I expect cartoonists to know how things move to longterm memory of course)

  9. kattbailey commented on Mr. Lowe about 24 hours ago

    It’s day 1 for him and he has barely had a school tour. Given what an idiot legislator in Wisconsin thinks “teaching credentials” are, we need this.

  10. kattbailey commented on Nest Heads 3 days ago

    and, unlike caretakers of people with dementia, pick them up when they make escape attempts or in their confusion become violent with the person they think stole their car keys or checkbook (which they don’t have because they can’t safely drive and someone had to assume financial Power of Attorney because they couldn’t manage their finances, either paying things on time or falling victim to scammers or charity requests that look to them like bills…)