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Four Eyes

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  1. kattbailey commented on Frazz 5 days ago

    I dimly remember this winter’s first blast… dimly. Came as a blast, and with lots of company… and far too early

  2. kattbailey commented on The Elderberries 6 days ago

    The Sagittarius reader is laughing or crying today. (having been born on the last day of Scorpio, I’m chuckling)

  3. kattbailey commented on FoxTrot Classics 6 days ago

    no A+++++ in early history here

  4. kattbailey commented on The Other Coast 6 days ago

    Certain dogs will react (often fatally) to grapes/raisins. but a dog who has been eating one as a treat can continue. Not all have the make-up that causes the reaction, according to my vet (as I was holding a new puppy, we’ve been careful not to even drop them, for the “barkuum” is fast). Think the potatoes are on rare lists because they’re all starch. We give a tiny dollop (spoonful, and not a serving spoon)

  5. kattbailey commented on Cathy 6 days ago

    Iyengar Yoga is a low-speed form that concentrates on proper alignment during the asanas (poses), and on breathing, so you move slowly from one to another. Others are fast, moving quickly between poses, and some of those can be aerobic. Especially the one done in a heated room

  6. kattbailey commented on The Big Picture 6 days ago

    Reading this on the 21st… with 74" falling in Boulder NY in 24 hours being the big news… plenty of people who need their prescriptions or whatever wish they’d followed the first “suggestion” (with their medicine)

  7. kattbailey commented on Berger & Wyse 6 days ago

    Um, no, you aren’t. Brain studies prove you’re missing parts of the show and every time you switch between the other two your brain has to use a tone of energy remembering what you were doing. So multi-tasking uses more of the brain’s resources and the seconds it takes to remember what you were doing adds up to more time spent on the tasks than it would otherwise

  8. kattbailey commented on Baldo 6 days ago

    I think Rayna’s device is always with a trusted friend- it’d be easy to steal for parts. And probably liftable. (mother paraplegic, I use a chair when out shopping- inherited motor-neuron issue so know what’s there and how to use it- and what to do when it isn’t)

  9. kattbailey commented on FoxTrot Classics 7 days ago

    Someday we will each be forced to have our 15 minutes of fame on reality TV. Be careful what you’re doing during it

  10. kattbailey commented on Tiny Sepuku 7 days ago

    The number probably references how many “scared straight” people are non-violent offenders from prison or parolees, people with drug charges mostly