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  1. kattbailey commented on Glasbergen Cartoons 17 days ago

    “I don’t need fertilizer. Or to be watered. Please, just hand me a donut and some coffee as I mime turning toward the ray of sunlight. Very slowly”

  2. kattbailey commented on Cathy 17 days ago

    I usually read in the late evening. and don’t comment, because who will see? My mother has a form of dementia, so I can’t run to her. She knows I am her daughter and that I take care of her, and she is like a small child in that she can’t piece together the sound of boiling water being joined by the sizzle of vegetables being put in a hot wok and realize that yes, there’s a person behind her, but no, that person can’t refill her cup of ice (which isn’t empty) for 5 minutes.

    But what you do after you leave the house matters. If you hang out with Dad (knowing her Mom), don’t make a thing over why you’re there, and join in their work or leisure activity and let your brain relax and catch up to see both sides of the issue, that’s one thing. If you have someone who can be impartial but supportive (“you aren’t wrong in this part, but I think he’s trying to say this and it’s a valid concern”), that can be a good thing.. Getting your side and only your side validated and built up won’t help. Unless your side is “my partner should not keep hitting me or the children/dependent adults” or “I am making a list of numbers my child can call the next time he/she thinks the person picking her up from practice is drunk on a day I’m not reachable”. The house Grandma went to with the three kids? Her in-law’s.

  3. kattbailey commented on Breaking Cat News about 1 month ago

    If they were kids, and not toddlers, each playing with their own and not coming up with some game with everyone in it would be a red flag. I live with someone very allergic to cats, but when my dog was 6 mos old my aunt, and her dog, moved in for almost 2 years. He was a neighborhood foundling, and her pooches were quite elderly, so he didn’t play. Pat said he was “too dignified” time after time. He had his flat, soft toys he liked to carry, every now and then shake, and occasionally bury. Chloe had her balls and the toys we got when we found that, for the first time, we had a dog who instinctively liked “fetch.”

    Pupper did not cotton to the new big pack leaving- with the puppy gated into another room. As Chloe teased him he began to wrestle and to play chase, with or without the toy for keep-away. Always so gently…I like to think that her teasing him into activity is one reason that, 7 years later, we still have a Chow mix joining his Mama when we have family meals and lying where Dad can’t leave the room without going through him when his Mama travels.

    I can see him in a “Proud Assistance Dog Parent” shirt. No matter how much a toy squeaks, though, it isn’t as fun as when a human is throwing it or you’re keeping a human or another dog from having it. He can only play a few minutes every few days when visiting now. Sits next to the human who is throwing for Chloe and gets petted, and watches our lips move. Feels the vibrations as she runs. When she can tease him into play it usually is with a toy though. Just like the ones she kept dropping in front of him as he lay by the door, wondering why his Mama had driven for 3 days, his head on her lap, to be in this place with 3 humans and the energetic pup whose scent was all over the place…

  4. kattbailey commented on Lay Lines 2 months ago

    I usually am among the last to see these so don’t comment… but I can say I love this one and have people see it. And love it more than usual too!

  5. kattbailey commented on Red and Rover 3 months ago

    Hope the wet puppy ear marks don’t detract from the schoolbook’s condition when he turns it in at the end of the year, but then Rover wasn’t sent out with any rain gear by their mom to meet the bus. Not that is was easy to buy pup rain gear back then

  6. kattbailey commented on Stone Soup Classics 3 months ago

    Or won’t know at all unless we see some future panels in the Sunday comics that give us a clue how he turns out. Meanwhile, with the seasons repeating without Max aging, Joan can never get much more than hints as to how he’s processing things, but she has infinite time to try approaches.

  7. kattbailey commented on Frazz 3 months ago

    AFTER they got the answer 42, they asked the machine to explain itself and were waiting to find out the question as to what the number 42 meant so they could put it in context, and therefore they were waiting for the “question.” They just didn’t have time. Or anyone to tell them why towels were vital. Just as, as it’s 75 minutes until midnight CDT, was almost as unlikely to get an answer or be seen as you are to see this

  8. kattbailey commented on For Better or For Worse 4 months ago

    His 10 children were killed in one of the trials (children, Job 1.18) Simultaneous attacks took his home and properties, 4 events with 1 survivor who arrived one right after the other. His wife finds him abhorrent (19:17) after that. He even says if he’d lusted for another woman he’d consider her free to leave him (31:10)… She is not referred to again, but at the end of the conversation he spoke of her hating him his family (siblings and household servants are specified) love him again, so that would include her if the “everyone hate him” message stopped, and could be mother to the next 10 children if we Biblically ignore that the children were at a grown son’s home when they were killed and so, being able to live a long life, could have more children. Or Job more wives. Who knows. The daughters were beautiful and so married well for Job, which is what matters.

  9. kattbailey commented on Lay Lines 4 months ago

    Sadly, she’s in a position where she is basically defenseless. First, his weight might affect her breathing, especially with her hair in her mouth and her head pulled back- tried it, harder to get a good breath without compression on the back. Elbows only bend forward, and she can’t move the arms to hit him or bend elbows to help her get up. She can’t move them to the sides. Knees only bend backwwards, and kicking isn’t working. His weight in that position would keep her down, she can’t slide her knees to get on all 4s and can’t move her arms (she can kick, but he seems to be able to deal with that). His hands are far enough away she can’t bite and with her hair crossed she can’t move to either side. Basically, unless she has some sort of paranormal/super power, she needs to be rescued.

  10. kattbailey commented on Dragon Girl 4 months ago

    I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Cedric, but Hamil has, at least, always been an idiot because he was, with limited knowledge and a teenage brain, trying to protect his sister/ward. He did see his sister in a situation he was always told was dangerous. He did know that if others saw them keeping Griffin they would ostracize them, at best, and he needed the house they were left and the business he kept going to keep them safe. He had a brief teenage dream of not having to worry about telling people he knew his dad’s skills so they’d keep food on the table (and that Cedric was one of the people who’d kept them fed in the past). Cedric is no longer an important customer who knows more about dragons than him but a danger. You do not, when your sister/ward has gotten you free of a dangerous person, let her think of going back or even hesitating to look back when you are in survival-times-two mode