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  1. kattbailey commented on Stuart Carlson 5 days ago

    Agreed, Nos Nevets. My father is a former biochemistry professor and an astronomy buff who points out that one of the reasons to measure in mass, not weight (and thus use metric) is that it doesn’t matter what planet you are on- or whether you’re at the top of Everest or on the sea shore. Not that a scale that you step on doesn’t mess up the later if you don’t do math, though at least if there is gravity a balance-style will give the same results as long as gravity is pulling on both sides…

  2. kattbailey commented on Lay Lines 5 days ago

    personally, I keep dice. If there’s 2 choices, it’s even/odd. 3 choices, each one has 2 sides of the die. 4, I re-roll for a 5 or 6, (think you can guess for 5). If I have more than 6 (usually it’s my to-do list) I write them down, roll, do the one in the first 6 that came up, then next roll covers the 6 after that…

  3. kattbailey commented on Speechless 5 days ago

    the shape of the beach horizon is different behind the bird, so the starfish is either where he passed it or the tide is coming in and it was covered (can’t tell if the lines match up for being higher up the beach in each or not)

  4. kattbailey commented on Lay Lines 6 days ago

    If you concentrate on the good, you don’t need money to comfort you (though if the guy could have reestablished our Internet in less than a week I would have been a bit happier, though catching up with my friends- I can’t physically get out much- has made me very happy today)

  5. kattbailey commented on For Better or For Worse 6 days ago

    due to a motor-neron issue, that was then undiagnosed, years of attempts- at least 3 several-week classes in elementary school, plus a middle school and high school with pools and Girl Scouts- I can, in still water, manage a few strokes but can’t coordinate my body to breathe so have to stop and doggy-paddle or tread water, We now know it has to do with a real medical issue, but it was an “everybody else can do this” thing for decades. Knowing that today I did my grocery shopping with a wheelchair and a basket on my lap and used a cane to get around once I got home now people are lenient, and my exercise in a shoulder-level pool doesn’t involve swimming. And I don’t go into running water. But inner tubes and such won’t let me learn, just support me as I struggle. Side stroke and an adapted one facing up are doable but my brain has to work so much harder to coordinate movement, and swimming was the first obvious one

  6. kattbailey commented on On A Claire Day 15 days ago

    Other than the fact that she did take a temporary retail job and was not expecting them to show her the door after the holiday returns were put back. At the time this was done even temporary jobs were harder to find- the little thing called the Recession

  7. kattbailey commented on On A Claire Day 16 days ago

    Only thing she “loved” about the store clerk job was the looks of the guy who already had a girlfriend. And that they only wanted her until the holiday returns were put up.

  8. kattbailey commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 23 days ago

    I refuse to watch or read anything where there will be constant death. I majored in history, I know power struggles were more than heck on earth especially to the poor peasants who were overrun by encroaching, retreating, and new encroaching armies, rinse and repeat. And they were pretty much everyone. And especially things where the deaths will be of children. So if I had to read one it would be that Games over the trilogy one…

  9. kattbailey commented on Nest Heads 23 days ago

    We went to a picnic to say goodbye to some friends, and people showed up in windbreakers and didn’t take them off, so it wasn’t the 4.7" of rain we got today that led to them. Thanks to the 9" last month the basement has an inch of wwater

  10. kattbailey commented on Basic Instructions 23 days ago