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  1. Roger Merritt commented on Shoe about 12 hours ago

    Wait a minute! 404 has ALWAYS been a message you get when the web server can’t find a directory in the documentroot. Usually Apache, but before Apache they had other web servers. Never had anything to do with the internet address or your browser.

  2. Roger Merritt commented on Wizard of Id about 1 month ago

    Hey, it’s better than the horse manure they projected they were going to be buried under by 1925. Those days must have been fun, mud and horse manure everywhere…

  3. Roger Merritt commented on Ziggy 2 months ago

    Nonsense. I’m 77, widowed, my kids are long gone, and I get a refund every year. They withhold too much and I like that lump sum at the end of January.

  4. Roger Merritt commented on Ziggy 2 months ago

    I was audited once. I was in the wrong because I misinterpreted the provision for taking a deduction for a non-resident alien dependent. The auditor was very professional, no penalty, she presumed I had no intent to defraud. Since then I get refunds every year. Very helpful around the end of January.

  5. Roger Merritt commented on B.C. 4 months ago

    I’m with you, brother. It keeps happening more often, too.

  6. Roger Merritt commented on The Born Loser about 1 year ago

    How odd. Fowler (Modern English Usage) doesn’t list it either. Merriam-Webster Online does, though, so I presume their dead tree version would as well.

  7. Roger Merritt commented on Ziggy over 1 year ago

    Not so ancient. That was a viable choice here in Thailand until 1905. King Chulalongkorn abolished slavery partly because people were selling themselves into slavery to avoid paying taxes. Also, too, it was a very popular move, there were many abuses of slaves.