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  1. Matt Brown commented on Gary Varvel over 1 year ago

    it is probably pointless to point out to you SeaFox that all of your solutions are not viable. First of, the countries involved are still sovereign states and embassies, while regarded as extensions of their home countries, are still guests. Secondly, driving an US Army tank through foreign capitals to the US embassy, or matching armed US troops down streets, would only increase the animosity towards the US, and be used by terrorist organizations to justify their actions. ( what would be your reaction to, let’s say IRAQ placing several tanks in it’s US embassy?) Third, the United States unfortunately must rely on the host countries to “go after” those responsible for any attacks on the embassy. Unless of course you want to launch a drone to blow em up, in which case you would need to declare war first, with the added benefit of again increasing hatred toward the US and helping the terrorist.

  2. Matt Brown commented on Gary Varvel over 1 year ago

    Right Wing hypocrisy makes me laugh. First you whine about how Obama is not protecting our Embassies and demand full investigations into a supposed ongoing scandal, then when he takes preemptive measures to protect those same Embassies you start yelling he’s a coward, and shaming American honor. I swear, if Obama came out in favor of toilet paper you guys would stop using it.

  3. Matt Brown commented on Luann about 2 years ago

    Not just you R Rand…. Brad started to get better looking When Toni proposed… noticed it between two panels

  4. Matt Brown commented on Luann about 2 years ago

    Am I the only one wondering if TJ will ever come out?

  5. Matt Brown commented on Pickles about 2 years ago

    He might be going Line dancing

  6. Matt Brown commented on Lisa Benson about 2 years ago

    this is real easy … google “george w bush vacation days vs Obama” and look at any page that comes up. here’s one http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/08/17/eveningnews/main20093801.shtml

  7. Matt Brown commented on Stuart Carlson about 3 years ago

    24 straight months of job growth, more new oil wells drilled then ever before, out of Iraq, Bin Laden dead.. .yes, Obama is definitely failing….. NOT

  8. Matt Brown commented on Clay Bennett about 3 years ago

    i guess the rule must be : If you tell it like it is you’re a left wing cartoonist, tell it like it isn’t and you become a right wing one.