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  1. Wenthral commented on MythTickle about 3 hours ago

    Someone get him a tic tac Quick!

  2. Wenthral commented on Bound and Gagged about 3 hours ago

    But I never start it. I’m standing there peacefully and this guy comes rolling out of nowhere and just hits me.

  3. Wenthral commented on Citizen Dog 1 day ago

    We still have an actual video rental place nearby. and its not some hole in the wall mom and pop shop either. pretty big place and actual does quite a lot of business.

  4. Wenthral commented on Heart of the City 1 day ago

    Man, if they crashed hard enough to take the wheels off a shopping cart helmet or not those two are taking a trip to the hospital. Which should be enough to get the good brothers in trouble with the law for assault.

  5. Wenthral commented on Bound and Gagged 7 days ago

    They are over there by the black cat sitting next to the broken mirror under that ladder.

  6. Wenthral commented on Real Life Adventures 16 days ago

    My theory on drivers license photos (or passports for that matter) they are taking photos assuming you will be arrested at some point. When you photo is taken at the police station your photo will then match completely with your license. fewer mistaken identities…

    that or taking bad photos is the highlight of DMV employees day.

    Probably both….

  7. Wenthral commented on Scary Gary 24 days ago

    Why..on earth..would a vampire EVER run from a zombie?

  8. Wenthral commented on Strange Brew 29 days ago

    Leather, always go with the Leather.

  9. Wenthral commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago


  10. Wenthral commented on Overboard about 1 month ago

    Just wait until he returns after finding no garbage turned over let alone a cheese sandwich.