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  1. Newenglandah commented on Wee Pals 6 days ago

    How about the British anti-slavery society that got slavery abolished in the British Empire some thirty years before the US abolished it?

  2. Newenglandah commented on Nancy Classics 9 days ago

    Didn’t television sets in 1949 have volume controls that could be turned down?

  3. Newenglandah commented on Gary Varvel 10 days ago

    I guess Drumpf did announce that his VP choice is Pence. He must have decided to do it today after all.

    A weak choice that is unpopular in his home state? OK by me. Would have been fine with me had he chosen David Duke.

  4. Newenglandah commented on Wee Pals 10 days ago

    While near Cairns, Australia, I poked into a shop with a sign that said “Genuine Aboriginal Crafts”. I came out thinking that there must be many Australian Aborigines working at factories in Malaysia.

  5. Newenglandah commented on Jane's World 10 days ago

    Bud and Abbot? Where are Lou and Costello?

  6. Newenglandah commented on Robert Ariail 10 days ago

    Actually, the Jeffersonian Republican party did not die; it split into the Democratic Republicans (later simply “Democrats”) and the National Republicans (later “Whigs”).
    The Federalist party shriveled into a regional party with significant strength only in New England before ceasing to contest elections. I see a good possibility that the Republicans will suffer a similar fate, with strength only in the Bible belt.
    If that happens, the Democratic party will probably follow the Jeffersonian Republicans and split into a leftist party (think followers of Bernie Sanders) and a pro-business moderate party (think followers of Hillary) similar to what the Republicans were in the 40s and 50s.

  7. Newenglandah commented on Gary Varvel 10 days ago

    Not yet. Drumpf announced this morning that he is delaying his announcement, supposedly because of the attack in France.

  8. Newenglandah commented on Lisa Benson 11 days ago

    Apparently the far right believes that Supreme Court justices lose their constitutional rights to free speech, unless of course they are conservative justices.

  9. Newenglandah commented on Clay Jones 11 days ago

    This staunch Bernie supporter will be voting for Hillary this November. Better someone I agree with on 80% of the issues than Trump, who I agree with on virtually 0% of the issues.

  10. Newenglandah commented on Steve Breen 11 days ago

    Apparently to the far right, Supreme Court justices lose their constitutional rights to free speech though that doctrine only applies to non-conservative justices.