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  1. Newenglandah commented on Mike Luckovich about 13 hours ago

    I read this morning that a poll showed 39% of the public believing that Trump won that debate. How can that be? Were those 39% people who didn’t watch? People so enamored with Trump that they can’s conceive him looking like the fool he was? People with such blind hatred of Hillary that they couldn’t imagine her doing well? Are there that many people who think it’s “no big deal” that Trump refused to accept the verdict of the election (as one Trump supporter told me yesterday)?

  2. Newenglandah commented on Henry Payne 4 days ago

    Odd that the most Catholic states by population percentage—Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York—are states that Clinton is certain to take. Perhaps it’s because most Catholics take seriously the Church’s stands on social and economic justice?

  3. Newenglandah commented on Views of the World 6 days ago

    You don’t know that there is a difference between the Nobel Peace Prize and the Nobel Prize in Literature?

  4. Newenglandah commented on Michael Ramirez 7 days ago

    Does Ramirez have evidence that voter fraud favoring Democrats is anything but insignificant?

  5. Newenglandah commented on Clay Jones 7 days ago

    Jaymattadams has now officially gone off the deep end; he does not seem to understand that “Family Guy” is a fictional cartoon.

  6. Newenglandah commented on Mike Lester 7 days ago

    Trump’s “locker room talk” has exposed his immaturity. Now his rant about a conspiracy against him has exposed his inability to deal with reality. Even prominent Republicans are acknowledging that Trump is completely unfit to be President. Lester and other Trump supporters cannot challenge that, so they take to attacking not only Hillary Clinton but people such as Beyoncé who have nothing to do with any election issue.

  7. Newenglandah commented on Henry Payne 8 days ago

    “I notice none of Clinton supprters deny that she’s a crooked lying pig.”

    She’s not. All you have is unsubstantiated allegations. Drumpf, on the other hand……

  8. Newenglandah commented on Clay Bennett 8 days ago

    The world’s most boring drinking game: take a hit every time you see a black person at a Trump rally.

  9. Newenglandah commented on Tom Toles 10 days ago

    “Yes he is and will be voted out the next election for governor, I hope.”Maine governors are restricted to two consecutive terms in office, after which they must wait one term before being eligible to run again. The person who has served 2 consecutive popular elective 4-year terms of office as Governor shall be ineligible to succeed himself or herself. So LePage is not eligible for re-election.Both of his terms were won by a plurality, not a majority. Both times the opposition vote was split between two other candidates, allowing LePage to win with a minority of the vote.

  10. Newenglandah commented on Tom Toles 10 days ago

    “Governor of Maine Wants Trump to declare martial law to undo what Obama has done.”.The governor of Maine (Paul LePage) is an embarrassment to the state of Maine, to New England, and almost as much an embarrassment as Trump to the country as a whole.