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  1. alife commented on Ziggy over 3 years ago

    Paulie with Tony S! From Monk fame :D

  2. alife commented on Doodles over 5 years ago

    I Look every Sunday! I just don’t post anymore :…( I love the puzzles Rhymes & Word searches :D

  3. alife commented on Cathy about 6 years ago

    HAPPY Birthday!! Day, Month,Year! Glad you were Born! That’s what my Mom told folks! So I thought I would keep it going :-}

  4. alife commented on Non Sequitur over 6 years ago

    HAD to sign in Just so I could FLAG!! ERRRRRR Love the comments on the Comic though!☥

  5. alife commented on Doodles over 6 years ago

    Thanks… seems no one comments here anymore Hi!!

  6. alife commented on Broom Hilda over 6 years ago

    “Painted” the side of my Dad ‘66 Cuda Hwy 17 Ahh good times :D00000

  7. alife commented on Non Sequitur almost 7 years ago

    I remember F-Troop the The Hekawi tribe!! OR “Where the heck are we?” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F_Troop

  8. alife commented on Winnie the Pooh almost 7 years ago


  9. alife commented on Bozo almost 7 years ago

    Goes with todays Bound & gagged:D

  10. alife commented on Bound and Gagged almost 7 years ago

    Thanks ted.hering :D Also noticed it goes with Bozo :00