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  1. m b commented on For Better or For Worse 10 days ago

    OMG, seems some people are a tad crabby today -— Remember this is a comic strip, not group therapy, reminds me of Bob Newhart’s group therapy sessions :) HAVE A WONDERFUL THURSDAY

  2. m b commented on Family Tree 21 days ago

    we had a driver who ran stop sign every day – only took a few of us phoning school board and she stopped running the stop sign——give them a call, they’ll need street name, time it happened and how fast you think she is driving

  3. m b commented on For Better or For Worse 22 days ago

    when I was little, about 4yrs old to 10 years old, I’d spend one night a w/e with my Gram, it was Bingo night. I thought it was so cool, had my own cards, my cherry coke, and looking back one night a week of major 2nd hand smoke

  4. m b commented on Pickles 24 days ago

    every home should have at least one roll of duck tape, it is incredibly handy – if you see their stocks go up, you know I’ve been fixing things or shipping packages ;)

  5. m b commented on Family Tree 24 days ago

    yay Miss Tully -

  6. m b commented on Red and Rover 28 days ago

    I love this strip, Red & Rover are both so adorable

  7. m b commented on Raising Duncan 28 days ago

    O my, Adele seems a tad perturbed with Big Daddy :)

  8. m b commented on Nancy 28 days ago

    Congrats !!! That is awesome, hope you continue for a long time
    have a wonderful day
    and – it should be about time for Auntie & Phil to marry ;)

  9. m b commented on Family Tree 28 days ago

    seems like Twig and Teddy are mostly portrayed as spoiled, selfish brats who expect their parents to do everything for them, what I find sad is so many kids in real life seem to be that way

    Next Teddy will pipe in saying he needs 5 dozen cupcakes for tomorrow ;)

  10. m b commented on Family Tree about 1 month ago

    go Mom !!!!