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  1. Loco deSane commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    this is the result of making politics a career instead of a temporary service. politicians do things for their benefit and not that of the Nation.

  2. Loco deSane commented on Steve Benson 2 months ago

    Yep..Steve has hit a new low. dumbest thing he’s published..and that says something!

  3. Loco deSane commented on Tom Toles 2 months ago

    wha tis a “assault weapon”? another stupid phrase that is meaningless.

  4. Loco deSane commented on Nick Anderson 2 months ago

    Guns are not the problem. people are the problem. stupid nut jobs will always find ways to cause havoc.

  5. Loco deSane commented on Joel Pett 2 months ago

    sad……but so true

  6. Loco deSane commented on Nick Anderson 3 months ago

    why vote? no matter who “wins” we all lose.

  7. Loco deSane commented on Nick Anderson almost 2 years ago

    oh goodness! nothing going on so we drag this crap back out…

  8. Loco deSane commented on Jerry Holbert over 2 years ago

    Hell yeah!

  9. Loco deSane commented on Nick Anderson over 2 years ago

    You know….all those who blame X, where x=Republicans or Democrats..take your pick… are missing the point. Both parties, all of congress, and the President are responsible for this failure. Right or wrong, all issues aside…if they were really working FOR the people (as they are paid to do) then this could not have happened.

    Politics for the sake of power or one-upmanship….whatever..that is the problem. Somehow we have to get the message across that politicians are civil SERVANTS and their job is to work for the greater good of the nation and not their own personal goals.

    Sorry if that is not very eloquent (its not) but I am just so sick of the political squabbles (from both sides) and the people paying the price.

  10. Loco deSane commented on Mike Luckovich over 2 years ago

    surprise! that was actually funny