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  1. Bob commented on Luann 1 day ago

    True clarky, he was taken hostage in the 90s

  2. Bob commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy 6 days ago

    Seems really stupid considering she did get pregnant in the last strip

  3. Bob commented on Over the Hedge 6 days ago

    Adventure Time I think

  4. Bob commented on Annie 9 days ago

    I hate to tell frick and frack but a boa constrictor would need more than a couple of mice.

  5. Bob commented on Over the Hedge 9 days ago

    The 10% number is what we consciously control. The other 90% is automated and backup systems. That is what most people cant grasp is that to use the full power would either drive us insane or shut us down.

  6. Bob commented on ViewsMidEast 11 days ago

    I believe he is pointing out the treatise that Mohammad wrote where he expounded that Jews & Christians are liars and thieves for trying to steal his birthright as the last prophet of the Lord. You should read it illuminating stuff.

  7. Bob commented on Darrin Bell 11 days ago

    everyone seems to forget the number one killer of young minorities violence done by their own peers.

  8. Bob commented on Darrin Bell 11 days ago

    dont forget with Bundyymost of the protestors had guns and the federal government is afraid of another waco or ruby ridge

  9. Bob commented on Annie 13 days ago

    I’m reminded of the song trust me from Disney’s Jungle Book.

  10. Bob commented on Annie 14 days ago

    that snake in the grass is about to meet the queen bee of the plane