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  1. Bob commented on Non Sequitur about 2 hours ago

    Still man. You can tell that by the fact he lost the head

  2. Bob commented on Signe Wilkinson 8 days ago

    A Harrisburg politician and former prison guard had a guy try to mug him. He exchanged fire with the mugger

  3. Bob commented on Kid Beowulf 9 days ago

    So he’s going to start a war over a piece of tail that didn’t want him anyway

  4. Bob commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy 9 days ago

    Then he went and sexually assaulted a woman with a coke bottle

  5. Bob commented on Inherit the Mirth 9 days ago

    My thought is where are Zeppelin power cord beginning

  6. Bob commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    Broadway production had Karloff as the brother. The show producers refused his release to do the movie.

  7. Bob commented on Kid Beowulf 11 days ago

    Honoring a dying request is such a sad thing when you can go kill many more

  8. Bob commented on Santa vs. Dracula 12 days ago

    his attention span can be measured in nanoseconds.

  9. Bob commented on Nick Anderson 12 days ago

    Because most states are now handing out DL’s to non-citizens kinda defeats that purpose. I would say give free cards when you register to vote.

  10. Bob commented on Garfield 12 days ago

    John looks like linus