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  1. dogs_rule commented on Garfield over 3 years ago

    i’d say at this moment the cat is the intelligant life in the room…in between Liz being a doormat and Jon acting like a dunce

  2. dogs_rule commented on Gray Matters almost 4 years ago

    it’s right next to the spare keys, the papers he needs for work and the other sock

  3. dogs_rule commented on Stone Soup almost 4 years ago

    pets are the greatest…and it is so hard to lose them

  4. dogs_rule commented on Reality Check almost 5 years ago

    nice… :)

  5. dogs_rule commented on F Minus almost 5 years ago

    summer weight feathers + scrawny legs + winter snow
    will not end well

  6. dogs_rule commented on Pickles almost 5 years ago

    at least she didn’t ask if he’d like one too

  7. dogs_rule commented on Ziggy almost 5 years ago

    where did they get their mechanics degree from – the red green show? (they use duct tape for everything)

  8. dogs_rule commented on Garfield almost 5 years ago

    battery backup on the phones?

    looks like jon won’t have to worry about getting his hair combed just right for their dates for quite some time

  9. dogs_rule commented on Pearls Before Swine almost 5 years ago

    well at least gocomics doesn’t practically require you to check it every 15 seconds or so to keep up with things….and I always just turn the sound off rather than turn the phone completely off…

  10. dogs_rule commented on Reply All almost 5 years ago

    guess the dude was a dud….bring on the ben and jerrys