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  1. lavubua mcginty commented on Angry Little Girls 20 days ago

    Especially the Listen and Hear part. Spot on.

  2. lavubua mcginty commented on Luann 23 days ago

    A match made in weirdville. Yeah, so doable.

  3. lavubua mcginty commented on Doonesbury 23 days ago

    Me either, Lacy.

  4. lavubua mcginty commented on JumpStart 25 days ago

    Exactly, and they’re smaller and require more work. So, I don’t get the celebration.

  5. lavubua mcginty commented on Baldo 25 days ago

    BINGO. I love the way that point was made.

  6. lavubua mcginty commented on Gil 30 days ago

    Wow, wadda loser.

  7. lavubua mcginty commented on Doonesbury 30 days ago

    How ironic an ending. Ok, let’s get back to the Dukester and Honey.

  8. lavubua mcginty commented on JumpStart about 1 month ago

    And now it begins…..

  9. lavubua mcginty commented on JumpStart about 1 month ago

    The reality of it is that we are isolated on the only planet in our Solar system that can support “life as we know it”. With all the crap going on here on Earth, WHO would want to visit??

    First, we would try to capture it (if we could), dissect it, and use whatever we discover to our advantage against each other. This fact makes us planetary predators. We are too scared and basically vulnerable ( 3 pounds of grey matter keeps us at the top of the food chain) to deal with something, anything different or deemed more or as intelligent from space. We are even scared of the differences within our own species and that fear has caused us to do egregious inhumane things to each other. I say, THANK GOD we ARE alone. And speaking of God, how would we deal with six winged Seraphim’s and Cherubim’s known as “the burning ones”??

    It is as it should be. We are too small minded, too critical, too violent, too scared, too selfish, too inhumane to deal with it. And the very small population within this large nebulous of septic existence would not wield enough voice to stop us from trying to hurt a galactic visitor. Jus sayin…..so don’t hate.

  10. lavubua mcginty commented on Drabble about 1 month ago

    I love that he refers to her as “Hunnybunch” even in his thoughts. That’s lovely.